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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Eye on Jonas's house

Jonas's house

Jonas became a lead character after Gemma's disappearance. Jonas's house has been a major backdrop since Daniel and Bree joined him there. His house is large and in a remote area in Seahaven, CA, which is north of San Francisco. This location was chosen because of the way it tied into the bowling alley drop. [1] He inherited it from his parents when they where lost at sea. Most of the videos take place in the library, though some show the living room or outside, such as the video Skateboarding. The Creators have revealed that the house is actually Kenneth Goodfried's house.
[edit]Images of Jonas's House

His Dad's Study

In the first picture, Jonas is seen talking on his webcam in his library on Thanksgiving Day.

In the second picture, in Trust Issues, what may be key elements of Jonas's library can be seen (besides all the books on the bookshelf):
Polaroid camera
Boxing gloves
What appears to be a statue of some kind
This video features Jonas wearing a distinctive "sailors cap/Argyle hat".

In Trust Issues, a clock set to 7:10 is visible. (If the clock is actually set to 7:11 then perhaps the Orange Slurpee cult is on to something.)

Jonas's house on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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  1. Hmm... Maybe the clock actually WAS set to 7:11 -- I mean the verse that was marked in the Bible that Jonas found was Revelation 7:11. Clever, or a very eerie coincidence.


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