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Thursday, July 3, 2008

Eye on The Resistance

The Resistance is a movement that was started sometime prior to the late 70s by a group of twelve former Hymn of One members, including Jonas's parents, which was dedicated to "unearthing [the Order]'s dark history and destroying its unholy practices" (We Who Fight). Many years later, when Jonas believed his parents to be dead, he and his friends began calling themselves by this term.

The Original Members

The twelve original members, Kenneth Perry Harlan, Damon Lindsey Lambien, George Thomas Kiel, Oswald Matthew Angie, Michael Byron Carruthers, Theresa Cunningham McManus, Desiree Thoreux Alcott, Christopher Raymond Nance, Susan Bethany Campbell, Joseph Carmichael Nagler, Penny Samson Rayborne, and Raymond Joseph Wharton (Jonas's Father) belonged to the Hymn of One (evidenced by their decision to renounce it in their Mission Statement) before deciding to break away and fight against it as the Resistance. In My Hand Hurts, Jonas found a scrapbook that his Aunt Alex had compiled with information about them. He learned that the members had included a human rights lawyer, an economics professor, a rabbi, an ambassador, a publishing heiress, a radio station owner, a regenerative medical specialist, and a former CIA director. He also found an article about each and every one of their deaths or disappearances under mysterious circumstances.

The Bunkers

The Resistance is known to have a number of bunkers, details about which can be read in The Order in the Modern Empire. At the first bunker TAAG visited, they found the following information displayed on a whiteboard, indicating what the original Resistance seemed to know about the Order at the time they were occupying it:

Mission Statement

In Going Down, Jonas found The Resistance's Mission Statement, We Who Fight, which reads as follows:

From this moment forth, the following individuals swear to uphold the values, purposes, and ideals stipulated in the consequent mission statement. We sign below to form a RESISTANCE; a counter organization opposing THE ORDER. We are dedicated to unearthing its dark history and destroying its unholy practices. The Resistance also forms to denounce a fabricated religion, known as THE HYMN OF ONE.

Together we swear to battle a centuries old oligarchy constructed by those referred to as THE ELDERS; everlasting tyrants of oppression, corruption, and unjust power who operate in secret. With our joined efforts, these immortals shall no longer affect the social, economic, and political infrastructure of our societies for their own gain.

We fight for the greater good of an unknowing people around the globe. We fight for our integrity and their safety. We fight to expose the truth.

Re: The Mission Statement
by jonastko on Wed Jul 02, 2008 9:13 pm

-R- wrote:
Hey, Jonas! I was wondering if you can post a copy of the Mission Statement so that we may be able to analyze it.
Also, I was wondering if you got a good look at the guy who was looking through your bag and stole your papers? Thanks!

sure thing, here ya go. it's a pretty great find! but i have no idea who that person was - it was so bright out and i was too far to get a good look. i feel like such an idiot. oh well at least i was able to follow the clues & find the paper. now i'm focused on figuring out who these ppl are & why carruthers name is on this document.


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