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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Going Down - Jonas (LG15)

The Resistance may not be what we thought. -- Jonas

Music_Artist: Kourkoulis
Track: Ki Etsi Teliosame

Going Down - Jonas (LG15) on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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  1. Wow. Looks like lonelygirl is now ripping off MaxterBexter... I AM SO KIDDING... or am I?

  2. The videos are getting better and better since Prom! This makes me remember the drops with Tachyon!

  3. Don't they record these a few weeks/days in advance?

  4. Jonas seemed very relaxed and unhurried considering someone just rifled through his backpack.

    I was hoping the "Black Rock" would be a big marooned wooden slave ship with old dynamite in the hold, but this was okay too.

  5. It's okay qthec...Lost will be back.....I was going to say soon but it's not very soon at all.

  6. good tosee where the LG series is finally going! maybe the interest in KM finally struck a cord.
    PS was this filmed in canada??? Cuz that didn't look like the rockies at all.
    and PSS: The key Naval area in canada is actually my home city of Halifax. So if that is a clue .... *ough cough* creators *cough cough*....

  7. The positive comments make me slightly want to watch, but i just cant bare it incase its as shit as before =(

  8. All the important papers were put in protective plastic holders. They must have thought Sarah would be there.

  9. On Lost, they tried climbing a huge tree and dropping the metal case on rocks to get it open.

  10. LoL I just realized the suggestive title with a shirtless Jonas face-deep in a bush. LMAO!!!


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