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Tuesday, July 22, 2008

HOW I LEARNED TO STOP WORRYING AND LOVE THE WEB by Mary Feuer, Creator of "With the Angels"

"I had learned an incredible amount about writing for the tiny screen from my bosses during a three- month stint as head writer on Lonelygirl15, and I was really eager to do some more exploring. While LG15 relied, by the time I got there, on a fair amount of plot and action as its teen characters battled the all-seeing Order, I really wanted to write something where the story came from characters interacting with each other rather than reacting to an external threat. So Taffy moved to Los Angeles from Arkansas and "With the Angels" was born."

Read more here.

Strike TV

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  1. which 3 month portion of the show was this?

    from lgpedia, her first credit was "that arrogant jerk", oct 3, 2007. and she finished up around mid january 2008?

  2. Thanks for posting this, Hopefulsemblance!

    To answer the question, yes, I started in October and finished in January.


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