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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Jackson Pretender on YouTube? The next Lucy?

Okay, this looks unlikely to me to actually be an account created by Jackson Davis, but I thought some of the super-sleuths around here might find it entertaining to check out...

On the YouTube comments for Blood Will Flow, there is a comment:

Jackson, you rock. Can't wait to join the cast. :)
Then, if you check out the TheSawRemix channel, there are comments back and forth with TheCommentOption, who writes as Jonas/Jackson, uses images available on lgpedia of Jackson, and has this profile description:
Joined: May 28, 2008 I SUPPORT THESAWREMIX

I never thought I'd actually create an account to argue with people on the internet, so here's a bio about me, just to keep you guys entertained while I babysit.

Hey, my name is.... Jonas. I aquired that name in 2006 when I was asked to do a YouTube show.... odd eh?

Just for everyone's information, I DO NOT OWN jonastko. Yes, the videos are mostly myself, but the account was created solely for the purposes of the YouTube series.

Lastly, I am proudly taken. I am NOT dating Jennie from the lg series, so stop with the stupid questions. We are only friends.
Name: Jackson "Jonas" Davis
If you check the comments on these two channels, there is mention of some kind of conflict someone is having over libel of an "Erin Tucker" (TheSawRemix's name, it appears) and mentions that Miles wants TheSawRemix to be on the new LG15 show, etc. For example:
TheSawRemix | July 11, 2008
hardy har har! You are soooo fucking funny. :)

omg.. wtf is Miles making you do?

Yousef sent me the video like an hour before they set it to public and i'm like wtf? Message me and tell me what's going on with Jonas because people are saying the order killed you..
TheCommentOption | July 11, 2008
You know I can't. Be happy that Miles and Greg are considering letting you come be a part of lg15. You'll be like a web-celeb.
TheSawRemix | July 11, 2008
i know..

he left me like 3 voicemails when i was doing the marx shoot. i just really dont want to be with the order as a character.. and seriously, honestly, and respectfully if they kill you then the show is going to be shit
TheSawRemix | July 11, 2008
where are you Jony, i miss you and am on blog.. im waitttinnnng

tell Miles you can fuck with Yousef later :)
TheCommentOption | July 11, 2008
It's time for me to go but I will call you when I get out, and if I don't reach you then, I'll catch you on your blog broadcast.

(: jonas (:

and later...
TheCommentOption | July 11, 2008
And to anyone whom thinks I'm desperate for liking you:

Erin, I do like you, I like you A LOT. You are someone very special and I enjoy your company 100%. You and my friends are always cool with each other and you are the life of the party. You make me smile, and when I think about you I can't help but not to laugh because of how close we really are.
TheCommentOption | July 11, 2008
You're an amazing singer and actress, someone who's never selfish and always puts her friends first. We've gotten through TWO YEARS of me traveling since I've been doing lonelygirl15 and almost no one has stayed out with me that long. I really hope you take Miles' offer to join the lg cast whatever it is because you're the only person I want to be around more than Yousef.

As always,
TheSawRemix | July 11, 2008
I must say, that was a really sweet and well thought out comment. The next time we see each other I'm going to do nothing but give you the biggest hug of your life.

<3 you always. -Erin-

Is a fan just having fun pretending to be Jackson, or is TheCommentOption really connected to Jackson Davis? Is TheSawRemix/Erin Tucker (apparent aspiring actress) creating some fan fiction, or is this really someone who might appear on the new LG15 show as an Order operative or something else?

What do you think?


  1. Its a Fake look at the profiles and jess said she donest have a youtube if i rembered right..

    I dunno..

    I CALL fake.

  2. sounds very fictional to me. but cute. thesawremix, they have been commenting on videos for awhile i believe.

  3. Good lord, why would ANYONE go to such lengths just to set up a fake youtube conversation? Some people have WAAAY to much time on their hands. Go outside and get some SUN, people... :P

  4. I don't really see this as "cute", I see it as identify theft. I mean, we don't tolerate trying to impersonate characters or actors in IRC or on the forums, why would we find it entertaining on YouTube?

    It's "FanFic" if it uses LG15 Characters, it's something else entirely when you're impersonating the actor.


  5. There's a fake Bree on there too, "DancinShoesX3".

    I agree w/Jenni.

  6. It's so obviously fake, how is this even a question?

  7. I agree with Jenni as well. Attempting to steal Jackson Davis' identity isn't at all funny.

  8. Not only is the whole act retarded, the length that the reporter went to for this article pretty much plays into exactly what the retarded person wanted: Attention.

    Way to give it to them.

  9. I agree with Jenni too

  10. its kinda of hard to steal someone's identity when you do it like this. that's like saying someone in a pysch ward he thinks he is jesus is stealing jesus' identity.

    i guesss i felt it was SO OBVIOUS it was more in the nature of satire than theft.

  11. I'm pretty sure Jackson has declared himself single for as long as I can remember. And let's be real here. He's old enough to tell a girl how he feels on the phone or in person, instead of over a youtube comment. Junior high much? C'mon.

  12. Wow, I guess I was wrong. I looked at Jackson's myspace, and it does say he's in a relationship. I never noticed it before. Also, his second top friend is a girl named Erin.

  13. You know something is really really fake when even TJMarsh says so.

  14. MicFranxon, I'm just letting you know that I love you and this is the 2nd time you've made me laugh so hard that tears came to my eyes.

    But yeah. This is fake. I agree with Jenni on this one.

  15. Haha. I know this girl in real life. Her name is Carie Matthews(sp), she's really fat and kinda gross. She doesn't really have any friends here, but she goes around adding all of us with her fake myspace.
    The funniest part is she can't decide what her name is. One day it's Skylar, the next it's Erin Tucker. She steals people's pictures, and in the fake Youtube videos she has under the name: abandonskies23 You can tell no one that ugly could be an actress. She always has the camera above her head so you can't see her double chin or her body. It's so ridiculous. She even pretends she's on a tour and she's in SoCal. How pathetic is that???

    Come on now. Someone had to tell the world at some point.


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