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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Joss Whedon's 'Dr. Horrible' is a site-crashing success

Still, those were the least of “Dr. Horrible’s” problems: by the time U.S. viewers woke up yesterday, so many people were clamoring to watch the show that its web site crashed completely, sending the makers scrambling to find more bandwidth.


The video is available at http://www.drhorrible.com.


  1. It's a game changer IMO. It basically erases the failure of Quarterlife. Doesn't do anything for those starting out but probably sets the watermark for EQAL to match.

  2. Nothing can erase the failure of Quarterlife, IMO.

  3. I didn't see anything about number of views.

    The LG15.com website has succeeded in crashing during busy times more than once.

  4. Q, not only did Dr. Horrible crash but Whedonesque crashed. Whedonesque functions similarly to lg15today. Because the Dr Horrible site had no means of discussion it overflowed to Whedonesque.

  5. where are the lyrics and the bouncing red ball, I WANT TO SING ALONG


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