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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

KateModern: The Last Work (Recap by KM)

KateModern: The Last Work 12 in 12 in 6 minutes!



  1. Heh! I JUST got around to watching The Last Work on YouTube today! I think it was an amazing ending!! Regardless, great summary video!

  2. Great summary vid! I'm in the US and they sent me a dvd from the first season...how cool are they?
    But, watching the recap makes me think of our own taag, stab someone with a sword....an hour later....drinking in the streets!!??
    I shall suspend belief because KM producer Kelly was nice enough to send me the dvd ;)

  3. Christopher,
    Was the DVD you mention a product, or something created privately?

    If it was a product, we would like to post info. about it here on this blog for those who might be interested. (This is the first I have heard of any KateModern DVD - did I miss something?)

  4. If you write to Kelly Brett on bebo (bebo.com/kellybrett) and give her ur name and address, she'll send u a DVD of KM Season 1. I don't have mine yet so I don't know if it's the whole season or just select eps.

  5. The time for free dvd's have passed retro. She was only giving them away during the finale, i asked her how many she had at the time and she replied "around 3000".

    Qthec. The DVD itself is a promotional DVD, it sort of shows the best bits from the series and individual episodes. I would imagine its the sort of thing show to companies for product placements and for publicity.

    If you like i could make a digital version available for you, Qthec.

  6. Thanks for the offer, kindredphantom, but I don't need a digital version of the DVD. I watched all the episodes online already, and that's good enough for me.

    If there are any 'extras' on the DVD that have not otherwise been available, that would be cool to share.

  7. The dvd is some season one videos selected by me and also some highlights of the first week of season 2.


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