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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

LG15 Questions and Comments

LG15 Questions and Comments
July 9th, 2008
With the upcoming changes to LG15.com and the end of the lonelygirl15 series (read the original message here and Amanda’s follow-up here), there have been quite a few questions about the future. People have a lot of concerns about the end of lonelygirl15, the new show in the LG15 universe, and the new website that is coming soon.

There will be a live chat with the community to answer some of these questions. (The date will be announced on Inside.) In addition to that, Virginian9000 suggested some type of live blog where people can send in their questions or concerns.

So post your questions, comments, or concerns as comments here. To provide an easy-to-read method of response, we will post responses on this page. Obviously, not everything can be answered, but we will reply to as many of these as possible with as much detail as we can provide. Please be patient if we don’t respond right away - it’s a very busy time for the cast and crew!



  1. So when is the chat?

    Can we have a date already.

    We are all busy so that is no excuse.

    We have heard it for 2 years.

    Lets get this set up and do it right.

  2. Maybe the chat is hiding in 436, that's why we haven't seen it.

  3. Can you assure us that no historical information will be lost from LG15.com as happened with the last set of changes? This is a major concern on people’s minds and a clear and unambiguous statement of intent by the Creators/webmaster would go a long way to resolving it

  4. Last night there was a discussion of whether or not cassieiswatching had ever posted on the discussion boards. The consensus was no.

    As it currently stands I believe moderators on LG15.com currently have the ability to track an IP and hence expose the identity of a PM. Will the new site have any privacy guidelines that will prevent non Eqal employees (such as a moderator) from "peekng behind the curtain" and will there be assurances that no Eqal employee will ever disclose such information. Or should any PM just stay off the new LG15.com web site if they wish to protect the curtain?


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