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Saturday, July 5, 2008

The LG15 Universe

The LG15 Universe

We are so overwhelmed by the outpouring of emotion that the community has expressed with the end of lonelygirl15. Since our announcement yesterday, there has been a lot of great discussion about lonelygirl15, the new show, and what this means for the community. I personally wanted to clarify a few possible misconceptions you might have as a result of our post.

First, in our minds LG15 is a Universe taking place around the story of The Order, an evil secret society that has discovered the existence of very rare girls that carry a special blood trait. Blood from these “Trait Positive” girls can extend the life of anyone who can transfuse the blood into his/her body. lonelygirl15 is the first show living within the LG15 Universe and KateModern was the second. We plan on telling MANY more stories within the Universe, including upcoming shows in Europe and the new one in the US.

Second, the new show is not going to be a fusion of lonelygirl15 and KateModern. Instead, it will take “the best things from each show,” meaning that we will apply what we’ve learned from producing them over the past two years – writing, interactivity, 12 in 12’s, etc. There might be some familiar characters in the new show, but we do not intend on combining the two series.

Finally, the heart and soul of the LG15 Universe is www.LG15.com and will remain so with the new website. The LGPedia, forum, Community videos, and InsideLG15 will all continue to be a part of the site.

We look forward to the LG15 Universe and it’s mythology living on for years to come with new characters and storylines. If you have any questions or comments, please leave them in the comments below.

- Amanda

Source: insideLG15

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Most fictional works take place in the "real world" unless there is a specific mythology for the series, in which case you find niche universes. For example, Marvel Universe, Whedonverse and Breeniverse each take place within their own universe with their own mythology. They exist individually unless there is a crossover. When Marvel Universe overlaps with DC Universe there is no new universe created to represent the combined universe.

The description of a universe, its characters and its other elements becomes vitally important when discussing User Generated Content. When a producer selects a universe to create their series in they are not only selecting how their story line might interact with the story line in that universe but they must also consider all facets of the mythology in that universe

One additional area where this has become important is in understand the Terms of Use provided by the Creators.

The Venn diagram above shows the relationship between "elements" used by the Creators, and UGC creators (fan fiction creators) both in the extended universe and the parallel universes.

Universe on LG15.com LGPedia.

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  1. "Finally, the heart and soul of the LG15 Universe is www.LG15.com and will remain so with the new website. The LGPedia, forum, Community videos, and InsideLG15 will all continue to be a part of the site."

    This does not clarify if the community videos will appear on the same page as the series video as is currently done. That is the central question that people are asking.

  2. What about Cassie :)

  3. Maybe the can call the new show Cassieiswatching.


    The Revenge of the 436

  4. Wouldn't everything around those three circles be 436?

  5. Are you suggesting that all the universe only exist inside a non existent 436 black hole?

    Interesting thought.

  6. Makes sense, fits in nicely with Einstein and Hawkin's theories.



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