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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

meteeorites (tC:A&A:luna)

"vinnie said hiii to me!!! hes so brave and so nice and i think hes reelly rely cool.

he talked abaut meteeorites i duno if i spelled that right but theyre biig rocks that come from space. they come from where the stars are and the moon. did you know my name meens moon?"

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  1. I clicked on the link and it said:

    "You are not authorised to view this resource.
    You need to login"

  2. As previously discussed, the only areas that require registration are those that involve interaction. It's not an uncommon practice, many newspaper sites have the same policy. ESPN does it with their insider content as well.

    I've added "login required" to give people fair warning. Good idea, thanks!

  3. Ok, now that mystery is resolved can you give us some background on what this is all about.

    A short recap in a comment would do a lot to bring people into these stories.

    Does not take much....just a brief intro.

  4. authorized is spelled wrong.

  5. Thats the least of our worries.........

  6. http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/authorise

    What's so bad about having a British web app provider?

  7. oh dear, its LG15 vs KM redux.

    I say have a pickled onion and to hell with the spelling

    cheers mateeeee

  8. The mamblog component on the site was developed in Europe by Olle Johansson so the spelling is, in fact, correct.

  9. I think "correct" would depend on the perspective of the reader and their location.

    But, in any case, pple are dying out there.


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