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Sunday, July 6, 2008

Miles comments

Miles left this comment in the Re: ZOMG: The End is Nigh! post.

Hey everyone, first thanks for your passion. Even though it's hard reading through this stuff, I appreciate that you care so much about this show and this community.

I read through these comments and want to make a few things clear because I think there are some misunderstandings:

1) The whole point of our company EQAL is to create interactive shows where the community members are "equal" to the characters. The most important thing to us is the interaction between the characters, the show, the community members, and the community videos. This has been a part of lonelygirl15 and KateModern for 2 years now and will not go away. From featuring community members in videos and highlighting discussion across the site, to displaying community shows on the main show page, etc., this is part of the LG15 DNA. For us, this is VERY IMPORTANT.

2) Building a social network is hard. Really hard. We are FINALLY able to do it because we raised financing, and there is NO ONE as upset as I am that it took this long. Yes, I know we have talked about "making the site better" for over a year. Well, now we are finally doing it. We WILL NOT have all the features that I know we both want upon launch, but WE WILL be constantly listening to your feedback and adding features on a regular basis.

3) We are focusing on launching with functionality for us to tell a story (main page video posting, etc.), and for discussion. This is the heart of LG15. The show we produce and your comments and discussion on the main page, in the forum, and in chat. All this will be preserved, and IMPROVED. Additionally we will have standard social network features to allow you to form an even stronger community (profile pages, photo uploads, etc.).

I hope this clears up some questions.

Broken Kid is working with Amanda to find a time for a live chat so that we can answer specific questions about the site redesign and continue to clarify things. Thanks.

Thanks for commenting, Miles.

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  1. Maybe he can call some other early video interactors nuts in the process...

  2. What about LGPedia. I assume you just forgot to mention that. Right?

  3. modelmotion: I'm sure that can be one of the things you ask him in the live chat. It's hard to sum up everything in one statement in this time of transition. We'll all have to be patient and take our time getting all our important questions answered.

  4. I hope live chat isn't the only opportunity to get questions answered. I know how hectic live chats are. Maybe Miles will simply read this and answer modelmotion's question directly.

  5. On second thought, why not just have a live blog, either here or on inside lg15. It would be much better to read and less hectic than chat itself.

    A live blog works by people commenting and getting questions answered in the comments of a blog post.

    I follow political blogs, and these are done all the time with elected officials or candidates. The campaigner will come into a blog at a predetermined time and take questions and answer them.

  6. I thought he mentioned the LGPedia in a previous statement? I dont know, there's been a lot of hostility lately...*peace sign*

  7. Why is it such a big deal if we can't post videos on the main page...? Chill out people. I'm upset about this too, but I'm not lashing out at the Creators about it. You're not helping at all.

  8. I don't think we have even had a clear statement about that Loretta. Clearly Miles knows what the discussion points are. He has every opportunity to address them if he wants. We even suggested that they could have a discussion thread on their site. There are lot of opportunities. Just very few answers but it is their site to choose how to do things. So be it.

  9. The LGPedia definitely isn't going anywhere! It will still be part of the site!

  10. Just to add to that, Amanda said on Inside: "Finally, the heart and soul of the LG15 Universe is www.LG15.com and will remain so with the new website. The LGPedia, forum, Community videos, and InsideLG15 will all continue to be a part of the site."

  11. Yea, like I said I was just surprised by the omission by Miles. You know how we all love LGPedia.

    So, BK when is the chat. The sooner the better, right? Tonight?

  12. By the way BK, Miles and you should come to chat and play spin the bottle with us.

  13. After listening to JALG's phone message she posted, I don't know what it is, but I get the slight impression that she just might want Daniel to be a part of the new series. I don't know how I got that, but it came to me somehow.


  14. Its an awesome message. Now I am rooting for DannyB too. He has been part of us from the beginning.

  15. lmao, thanks for your support guys. XD

  16. Aw I wanted to play spin the bottle! I was in the middle of a perfectly innocent poker game!

    I think the plans are for the chat to be next week, because the folks are so busy, but I'll talk to Amanda and figure out when!

  17. Miles said "We are focusing on launching with functionality for us to tell a story (main page video posting, etc.), and for discussion. This is the heart of LG15."

    sounds like the launch will be site very similar to the current site? but expandable in ways we may not immediately notice?

    "All this will be preserved ..."

    eek. someone back up the forum now!!! hehe. when the original forum was replaced, we were told "I saved it so that you all have access to your old information and hard work." then it promptly disappeared.

  18. We think there are a lot of serious and specific questions which could be answered before the chat. To some degree there are trust issues involved here since the current site holds a lot of fan created material that cannot be replaced.

    We are not suggesting that any of it will be lost. However I think we are owed very specific and clear assurances BEFORE the old site goes down.

    Again, we respect that LG15.com is private property. But the way you treat people has a big effect on whether or not they stick around......and we have lost enough friends already because of the way decisions were made in the past. An open and transparent transition can go a long way to keeping people happy..........and I mean BEFORE the beta test.

  19. I just called... I sound so damn silly!


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