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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

New Yousef Show!!!!!!!!

Hey everybody, as you know LG15 is ending, and the amazing actors that we have all grown to love will be leaving us. But with bad news, also comes good. Yousef Abu Taleb is working on a new project! And it’s going to be AWESOME!! It’s called “Endangered Life” No immediate date has been set yet for the release So, go to the youtube link bellow and send a friend request. If you don’t have an account jump on the band wagon and create one!!! There's not much on there yet but there will be soon!!


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  1. Yousef, from day one you have given so much to this community not just as an actor but as a human being. Thanks, and as for “Endangered Life”.....

    BRING IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Weird, I see 15 subscribers on the endangeredlife YouTube channel, but it has no "Subscribe" button right now (maybe because it has no videos posted?)

  3. Thanks for adding the "TO SUBSCRIBE" link.

  4. yay! I am subscribed. Yousef Abu Taleb is an amazing actor, and I can't wait to see what this series brings. It will be sad to lose Yousef on lg15, but I hope he will stop into chat or something like that once in a while.

  5. "...as you know LG15 is ending, and the amazing actors that we have all grown to love will be leaving us."

    This article implies that we know for certain that Yousef and the others will not be a part of the new show - has anyone actually confirmed that for any of the actors? I was under the impression that we wouldn't find out until sometime after the lonelygirl15 finale.

  6. Perhaps then it should be re-worded or added that we don't 100% know who isn't going over to the new show.

  7. I regard this news as fairly strong evidence that Daniel (Yousef) will not be involved in the new EQAL show, but that's just me.

    I know I helped engineer his elimination from the TAAG elimination game, but I've always liked Daniel and if he is not continuing then I will miss his presence in the Breeinverse.

  8. I consider this confirmation as well. The recent Daniel vidoes hae all pointed to moving on with his life. Just because he isn't in the new show doesn't mean we know what will become of the character of Daniel.

    I'll be glad to watch his new show. I'm always looking for new high-quality well-acted web shows to watch. Yousef brings a lot to the plate with a new show.

  9. Well, the new Eqal Show will have SOME familiar faces, and I read that to mean that only some of the characters will cross over. I have a sneaking feeling that Daniel is going to go back to school (with or without Sarah).

    I have a feeling that Julia, Emma, Sonia (i.e. Characters with unresolved plots) are likely to appear in some capacity in the new series.

    *Subscribes* It's nice to know that we'll still see more of Yousef though, even if it's not with LG15. He's been with the series for two years, stuck with it through cast additions and changes, through Jessica's departure from the series and taking on the role of the co-protagonist with Jackson and Lexi as a result. Yousef is an amazing actor and I wish him the best

  10. You want the article to be reworded? Hes working on a new show how is he going to be in the new Eqal one? ANYWAY!!!!! YAY FOR YOUSEF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. michael j. fox filmed family ties and made back to the future at the same time.

    so anythings possible, but apply common sense, and we'll await a formal announcement one way or the other.

  12. Hate to say it, but without Yousef, I don't know that I'll have any interest in the new show. =(

  13. One of the advantages of having an ensemble cast is that individual actors can take time to do other projects (character is off screen for awhile as Emma is right now), so to me it seems quite possible that Yousef would be involved in other projects and still have a (perhaps lessened) role on an EQAL production.

    They could also simply 'park' the Daniel character by sending him away to school or something... we will see.

  14. Endangered life, eh?

    Yousef: "ok, today we're going to look for the striped feather condor...this bird is ENDANGERED...and RARE...and we're gonna go get one!!

    *rustling amongst the branches*

    Yousef: *whispering* There it is...shhhhhhh.....shh....





    Yousef: WOO! we got it!! We got us a striped feathered condor!!



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