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Friday, July 4, 2008

No Way To Live - Jonas (LG15)

So much has happened today. I don't know what to do next. - Jonas

Artist: Curandero
Track: Aras

What do you think should Jennie do about Jonas?

Call Jennie and let her know what YOU think she should do.

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  1. This is an interesting twist.
    Also i would have thought they regularly swept for bugs/tracking devices since they keep being used.

  2. hahaha...ive just noticed how no one seems to be commenting on the videos anymore...

  3. Eclipse in Novosibirsk Russia. Hmmmm. Gina and Bree's neck of the woods. I suppose that might be significant.

  4. what the hell did the mystery guy on the video say about Jonas reclaiming his true identity?

    Who is Jonas?

    What you want to bet somehow he's adopted from Russia... brother to.. Gina and Bree?

  5. I hope he's not Bree's brother. That would make the time they had sex really really disgusting.

  6. I think he is the son of an elder or something similar.
    I think Jonas was meant for something more, something to do with the order.
    Or perhaps because his farther was the leader of one of the resistance groups and it his role to bring back the resistance.

  7. Aside from who the mystery person is (and whether he/she is for or against the Order), the question is Why does that person want Jonas to stay away from his friends? Maybe Jonas needs to be with someone he loves to realize whatever his potential power is or something like that?


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