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Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Original Coalition site tweaks blog function

iymOoldwnzqr, the Admin for the original Coalition site, has posted the following:

Here, on the blurred edges of reality, in character and community interaction are one.

Communiqués are the blog/comments of the Coalition, and the Coalition is us. Therefore, there is no longer a distinction between Communiqués from the Coalition, and the Community Blog.

They can both be found under the 'Communiqués' _link_, and the 'Latest Communiqués' feed on the right hand menu.


The great blogs that are up there now include my golden magic one. *facepalms*


  1. So the "golden magic one" on is a puzzle?

  2. Yeah, I was being silly and didn't think anyone would see it. :P

  3. lol, you almost brought down the interwebz trying to figure out what it was about..

  4. That was such an excellent, well constructed puzzle, I thought it just HAD to be featured! ;)

    Seriously though, I'm just glad to see you guys using the site.

    Now, I'm thirsty for a Mountain Dew. Off to the vending machine for me.

    See Ya!

  5. I think the puzzle has gone viral......

    just saying.....


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