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Monday, July 21, 2008

Package Pickup - TheLoneliestTraveler

How to pick up a package under the watchful eyes of the order.

Music: Investigating The Phantom Signal By Anterrabae

TheLoneliestTraveler left this message on the most recent lonelygirl15 video "Shaken Up" We have previously reported on several other stories involving TheLoneliestTraveler, the KateModern gnome and Azusa.

Shortly after this video was posted a rather cryptic message was left on Jennie's snapvine account and there are references that suggest it could be related.

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  1. This looks like a trailhead for a canon series to me!

    I didn't think they were gonna start until September sometime.

    I wonder what the group is they're talking about?

  2. Whats the guy saying, can't understand a word of it...

  3. Need some ear wax remover? Geez this community has gotten lazy.

  4. No need to be rude, geez. This community isn't what it used to be, we used to help each other out with things.


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