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Saturday, July 12, 2008

Raymond's Journals

Page 1:
Another day scouting- 12 Hymn recruitment centers total. News that 10 are under construction.

Went with George & Penny to a seminar- listen to their rhetoric. Signed up under the guise of "Lost souls looking for answers,-" for our "eternal song". Speech lasted 1 hr- many seemed convinced of Hymn leading leading them to path of enlightenment & control.

Convincing words, hollow gestures. Still the 26 attendees were convinced- hooked.

Clear: Hymn preys on the desperate; people who've made mistakes, need direction in their lives. Spoke to several recruits after meeting- many were escaping drugs, alcohol, etc. looking for a way out. But those addictions are replaced by this- there is no casual membership in the Hymn.

Enamored by "everlasting clarity"- one such attendee told Penny.

Page two:
Michael and George returned from Alberta. Trip cut short when spotted by person described as "Helper". Spotted kids in Reinland Park but unable to make contact.

Intel described as "disturbing"-
La Crete = medical facility functions as "customs center" for the Order. They collect, raise, and experiment on TRAIT + as they see fit.

Locals described it as "girls go in but don't come out."

Surveillance - water chamber, bloody gurney, morgue, nursery.
George tried to enter - maybe help - Michael stopped him- Why?
Said the facility was too secure.

Page 3:
Bloodwork headed to La Crate interrupted en route... somehow lost. George responsible for operation - all going well but Michael lost the carrier. How? Too many mistakes

Worst fears come true!! Michael has gone astray. Sabotage. La Crete raid went wrong, Theresa's death not an accident, all of our suspicions have come to fruition.
While I was away scouting the temple, Michael poisoned their ears.
The group has fractured with no hope of returning to normal. Nearly a decade of fighting - for what? To be torn apart from inside?

Page 4:
How do we recover from his treachery?

All who converted are missing or dead. Those alive,
We who stayed true, are scattered. Packed up our research, locked up the bunkers,
And now living amongst the public. Will he come for us too?

Page 5:
My dear son. He is young but will learn the truth about us someday. For now we live as a normal family- one that is full of joy and laughter. All too soon he will know the horrifying truth of what life can bring. The many people of this earth are at the mercy of a secret few. But while Jonas is a mere boy, he will not be concerned with this darkness. It is our cross to bear. In youth there is obliviousness; happiness. But with age comes knowledge. Which he'll one day have to face. Until then, it is my job to make sure he is safe and confident. For it is within my son hope resides. When we are gone, he will be the last of the Resistance. As long as the Order cannot locate the key, he will be safe for all time

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