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Saturday, July 19, 2008


May 01, 2008 - 00:30 AM PST

NEW VERSION LIVE! The new version of quarterlife is finally LIVE! We're working through the bugs as quickly as we can -- please report all problems on the Forums page under "Site Use and Issues".

Speaking of Forums, you'll notice that the Forums have been redesigned, with lots of new functions. But don't worry, we WILL bring back the "20 Most Recent Posts", which so many of you have asked for. Also, check out the new CRITIQUE and BEST OF sections (under UGQ) in the Forums. CRITIQUE is for those members who want their work rigorously critiqued by the community.

We're also working as fast as possible on the promised new sections:
One is called THE BOARD, and will be a great way for our members to communicate directly with the entire community: want to announce an exhibition, looking for crew for your next project, want to sell your old 16mm camera, looking for love and friendship? You'll be able to find all of it and more on THE BOARD.

The other top-level section will be called OPPORTUNITIES, and will soon be filled with internship offers, contests, competitions, and other ways for our members to find their way in the fields they're passionate about. One of the contests will be for a NEW WEB SERIES to be created by one of our members and FUNDED by quarterlife!

And other changes are coming soon after: starting next month members will be able to buy and sell work directly through the site. Photos, videos, paintings, writing, all UGQ -- both through digital downloads and physical delivery. There has been so much fantastic work uploaded to the site, and so many requests to acquire that work -- we had to make this service available!

And more coming after that -- new content, new functions, new partnerships with other sites. We're about to start production on several pilots for brand-new series, eventually including the one created by the member who wins the contest above. You will soon be seeing quarterlife productions all over the Web. And, yes, we're still working as hard as we can to bring our own show back! We'll announce on the site as soon as we have a date. Thanks to all qlifers for hanging in!



  1. what the fuck? is the show still starting???

  2. If you read it they are actually putting the focus on community videos in a way that has been extensively discussed on this blogspot recently.

  3. I don't care. I want the show back.

  4. I guess they're doing what the creators don't want to do. But what about Aunt Alex?

  5. I assume they are trying to get funding and part of that is having a web site with traffic. So I think they want to build up the community so they have something to show advertisers. Yea, i know it sounds backwards but it might just work.

    And Joe, i hate to break it to you but Aunt Alex was clearly a droid:)

  6. NNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Take it back, take it back.

  7. i created an account there when near the beginning, i enjoyed the show and met some great people in that community that are very talented and creative.


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