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Sunday, July 6, 2008

The RoytheBoy and StoneDog Rap Battle

Hey for all of you who were listening to my show or Roy's show last week you know that we are throwing lyrical dukes. That's right RTB and StoneDog are having a rap battle. It starts Monday July 14th on the StoneDog Show. Each week for 5 weeks Roy and I will reveal our 1 minute raps about LG15 characters. I'll give you the breakdown at the end of this post. We need your help. We are going to battle but we need spoils of war. What should the winner get or what should the loser have to do? Leave your suggestions in the comments of this post and Roy and I will moniter it and see what we like. So make sure you are listening to StoneDog's show every Monday at 8 PST and Roy's show every Wednesday at 6 PST to hear the latest installment of the rap battle and to find out who won the week before. We will be placing a poll here each week for you to vote. Remember this isn't a who likes Roy more or who likes Stone more contest its a rap battle. Vote for who you think had the best rap! Here's the break down:
Week 1 Starting July 14th-Bree Rap
Week 2-Daniel
Week 3-Jonas
Week 4-Jennie
Week 5-Our secret crush!


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