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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Glenn would like to do a live mix session. Glenn decided to try it live on the air without a net using MixMeister Fusion.

Glenn then played an epic live mix that lasted for approximately 2hr 20 minutes of insane awesomeness.

Glenn decided to do the mix 5 minutes before the show so it was totally impromtu. MixMeister has the ability to split so you can preview live. Glenn was surprised how a couple of songs mixed.

Apo asked about the "last meta mystery". People still wonder. It has been in the recaps before but we will cover it again. Who was the PM of cassieiswatching? It was not Glenn and he is not just saying that to keep the mystery alive. Back then we did not know who Glenn was. For the past year Glenn has been pretty upfront about everything. If Glenn was the PM, he said he would have had some stuff to tell.

If something works then you generally cannot wait to take the credit. With the controversial ending the PM might never come out and say it. LG422 mentioned the Sharon Tate pictures. That alone could have been explained. Glenn has read a lot of speculation that was never confirmed or stuff that was wrong. Internally within LG15 Glenn had people asking him if it was him from day one. Glenn floated some of his theories.

Cassieiswatching inspired Glenn in terms of taking his screen play and tweaking it into Opaphid. The spark that accelerated the time table was Cassieiswatching. You could tell it was not heavily tied to LG15 and yet it was still getting a buzz. Hence Glenn figured it would be a great way to market his story. It is really hard to not paint yourself into a corner but Cassieiswatching was still able to wrestle the spotlight away from LG15.

Essentially the PM of Cassieiswatching probably never meant their identity to be known because they followed a traditional ARG genre. It was a non commercial game. It ended in a stale mate.

Having recently seen Rosemary's baby and a few other thing Glenn offered his perspective on the Manson pictures. Glenn though Manson was at the murder and was not aware that he had ordered the murders. It was about Cassieiswatchings interpretation of the ceremony. Don't look at how it tied into Lonelygirl15. It was someones guess about the ceremony. It was never intended to be an ongoing ARG. It was intended to end on Aug 12, 2006. They had an idea of Cassies purpose and her role in the ceremony.

As best Glenn can tell watching it unfold it was talking about an exorcism. In Revelations you had a priest who has killed someone during an exorcism. You had the possession angle of Frank (in terms of cassieiswathing). The Franc character in IRC was part of the game.

There are some mystery. The first drop? Gamejack? Glenn does not get it. Does anyone have a copy of the original phone message? The first drop might be the missing piece. Glenn could not make out the first message. Then you had the more code thing. The was a stall after the game jack.

First drop sept 12, then the 16/17. Then the creators announce it was not them. Then nothing for a couple of days beside the phone jack. When things did pick up there were morse code messages. The puzzles that came after that were more like fillers. Simple stuff. One thing was the big poem that told us to wait for the 1st.

It ended one month exactly after it began. It is totally odd that Cu Roi got all the drops. Glenn does not think he was behind it. Ladron121 got all the Opaphid drops and he has nothing to do with the PM of OpAhid.

Cu Roi is one of the primary sleuths in the hunt for CiW drops. His uncanny ability to beat everyone to every Cassieiswatching drop led many to speculate that he was the Puppet Master behind the scenes. His first pickup of the drop was posted by the AA show and was called Casket of Tears. His uncanny ability to be in the right place at the right time paid off again and he was with scdgoofy as they found the second clue as posted in the video Re:When I get to the Bottom on scdgoofy's YouTube account.

Cu Roi on LGPedia.

Second clue recovered by Cu_Roi and I at La Cienega Park in Beverly Hills. I'd been at the park for about 15 minutes and saw him arrive and head for the clue. Don't know him, never met him, but we recovered the clue together. My on-site photos of the clue are here: www.happycatcorp.com/cassie

Last cassie anagram. Look at what has been solved so far. Keep in mind that it was all building up to the ceremony. Look at the trajectory of the game. Look at the post from Franks wife. That is a brilliant ending. Think about it as a movie. You have what the public thinks and then you have what the audience secretly thinks. Frank's wife comes out and says (see below) and you have the anagram poem. It is easy to look at that as the ending. You have the ending that the wife gave.

Blogspot Frank was the first Frank to show within the Breeniverse and is more than likely the direct or indirect source and inspiration for all of the other "Franks". Frank was first alluded to by Cassie on her YouTube Channel page with the phrase "Frank is Waking". Eventually someone found a blog that had a lot of similarities with things that were transpiring in the Cassieiswatching story. Soon this Frank's blog comments were flooded with CiW followers. Many of these posters were exceptionally abusive and there was concern that if this really were some poor schizophrenic guy with a blog he could be pushed over the edge. These fears were alleviated when a code was found in the first letters of the lines of the blog.


Kaye is apparently the estranged wife of Frank. Their separation seemed to stem from a result of Frank hearing voices. It was Kaye that posted the final blog informing his "friends" that he had died. Many feel that Frank himself posted this final blog in order to remove attention from himself.

Blogspot Frank on LGPedia.

The canyouhearher blogspot post was on Tuesday August 10th.

If Cassie was a spirit that posessed frank......and left frank and went to be in bree for the ceremony. Frank has served his purpose.

The message:


This message is from Kaye
Hello to all. This message is from Kaye, Frank's wife. I am sorry to inform you that Frank passed away last night.

I didn't know Frank had created a website, but his computer was open to this page when he was found. I was so happy to see that he had people who cared about him to talk with, as I thought he had simply shut everyone out of his life. Thanks to you all for being his friends in his final days. He needed friends. I am sure he appreciated your company and your concern, even if he did not express that appreciation.

Please do not take to heart any hurtful thing Frank may have written when he was angry. I am sure he didn't mean it. He was confused, and Frank tended to lash out when he was confused.

Also, I can assure you there is no Cassie, Bree or other person who was actually in Frank's life at the end. Unfortunately, Frank saw and heard many people who were not there, and he couldn't tell the difference between those hallucinations and people in the real world. The police and the manager at the motel have said that there was no evidence of a person in crisis who Frank was actually helping. It is common for people with Frank's condition to invent dramatic situations.

Please remember Frank as a wonderful human being who had a great connection with nature and a very philosophical mind. He also had a delightful sense of humor. During our happy years, he made me laugh more than anyone ever has. Frank's life was short, but he did a lot to brighten the lives of those around him.

Per Frank's wishes, there will be no memorial service or grave marker. I will be spreading Frank's ashes througout the East Fork trail in the San Gabriel Mountains, so he will always be there.

Did anyone go to the East Fork trail? Kira went.

The message wraps up the Frank story. Then you have the final anagram on the 12th.

Remember we were talking about how unfullfilling the fake cereomy was. Glenn was thinking it could have been like Rosemary's Baby. The cassie stuff helped with the darkness. The ceremony should have been really creepy. Cassieiswatching had a dark twisted exorcist vibe of cassieiswatching. It made Lonelygirl15 seem like Rosemary's Baby. At the time you did not know they were connected. You watched Lonelyigirl15 in a different way.

Look at what has been solved so far in the anagram. The poem is saying "thats all folks, thank you". ThePM has not logged back in because Cassie was released and is gone. Cassie and Bree has severed ties. Who is going to give you a hint? People thought something else was coming. People held out hope. Work on the anagram if you still have faith. The PM did not plan to go beyond Aug 12.

Could it have been someone who was part of the team early on. Yes

OpAphid was up and running.

Look at how much things change with Lonelygirl15. Someone who was there for half of December (?) would be working under the story as it was when they were part of the team.

Glenn does not understand the clown painting. It was random and did not lead to anything else.

The first drop: in theory people said it could have been a head. Glenn does not think so. What if what was in the first drop before it got jacked was in the 2nd drop. It followed up quickly. It looked like it was quickly made. So it would be the bible page. Perhaps it was trying to compensate for what got lost in the first drop.

The person Glenn thinks it is denies it. Glenn has some theories and they all point to the same person.

See also Cassieiswatching clues on LGPedia.

The_Cassieiswatching_ARG on LGPedia.

Drop 7 (Yokayo Bowl)
On January 25th, 2007, OpAphid posted the video Lose Something?, which led to Drop 7 (Yokayo Bowl). Many fans believed this drop would end the "Great Drop Drought."

Drop 7 (Yokayo Bowl) on LGPedia.

The geo cache was not close to the ID. If Glenn has seen a geo cache he would have know what it was. Glenn thinks it is quite possible (especially after the bowling alley drop). Glenn did not do a complete sweep. He could have dropped the ID and took the geo cache just to be sure.

Glenn has op footage that he has not used. It is really dark. It is like a snow globe but with red blood.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

Send questions to [email protected]



  1. Merely to clarify; Glenn did announce my question on the air. I did not ask him who the PM of CiW was. I asked him if he knew who it was.

    He was able to answer that he does not know.

    He also graciously took the time to explain why he believes it wasn't Miles, Mesh, Greg or Amanda.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. Good point Apo. That is actually a rather important distinction in terms of the curtain, so thanks.

  4. Glenn said: "Could it have been someone who was part of the team early on. Yes."

    There's only person who fits this description, and that is Grant Steinfeld, a photographer and friend of Mesh Flinders who was involved on the tech side and helped create the "Bukanator" character and lonelygirl15.com website. He was off the show well before Swimming came out though.

    I came to know Grant in the fall of 2006, as he used to post at the old Anchor Cove. I have asked him point blank if he had anything to do with CIW and he said no.

    "You are funny, no I was not the puppet master nor batty in bladerunner, oft confused myself tho"

    Also, from knowing him, he doesn't seem like he would at all be the type of person who would have run CiW. I know that's subjective, but i believe he would have told me if he did. take that for whatever its worth.

  5. Time to give it up. It will always simply be an unsolved mystery.

  6. its probably better that way.

  7. It was me Anonymous


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