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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?... Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

We are up and running with "Vampire Weekend" - A-Punk.

Last week Glenn was mixing mp3s live. Then we had a really long discussion. With Lonelygirl15 tonight we will talk about the past.

Glenn is still dealing with a major computer crash. OSX is the gate keeper to the PC partition when you use bootcamp and when you have a hard drive issue this can make things difficult. Had Glenn been using XP he would have been able to pop out the drive and move it.

Glenn talked a little about video editing software. Motion has a lot of preset default settings. The downside is that everyone tends to use the same settings.

Glenn has realized he needs to Tivo "King Of The Hill'. Mari also recommended "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia " with Danny DeVito. He almost thinks it was better before Danny DeVito. It is very wrong an offensive, but funny. It is on the FX channel. Mari said that it is like a show Glenn would create.

Lost Boys II "The Tribe" has been talked about recently. Cori Feldman is the best part of it. It is what it is. It has been labelled "Seinfeld on crack". It has an aethetic that works. This and Curb You Enthusiasm are the air apparent to Seinfeld. FX will run it through 2011. They are having a panel at Comic-Con which Glenn will unfortunately not be attending. Glenn does not have a lot of huge goals left but he would like to do a panel discussion at Comic-Con.

If you try to make "Red Dawn" for this day and age you cannot call it that today. "Red Dusk" would work. Today we have a different world with different types of attack. On 9/11 Glenn was watching CNN and they had Tom Clancy on. They had the producers from The Seige which had distinct similarities to 9/11. Remaking Red Dawn does not work. Glenn's long game is that when the remake stalls Glenn will come in with an idea for a sequel instead.

The other day Glenn came up with additional elements for Red Dusk. Glenn needs a meeting with MGM UA because this is so good. He has a gut feeling that he is onto something. He is half way to a solid treatment. He has a premise and a scenerio.

Glenn saw The Dark Knight . He was not blown away with the Watchman trailer. Something abut Zac's look makes it look like everything was shot on a blue screen. In terms of Dark Knight, Heath Ledger performance does the best interpretation of the Joker. He disappears into the role. It is scary and dark and on that level it works. It is not everything it has been made out to be. The end made no sense. Harvey Dent does some stuff at the end of the movie and some people die. Christian Bale needs to take his voice down a few notches. Batman was going to take the heat and be an outlaw. Why not blame the Joker? It makes no sense. It might set up the next movie but it makes no sense within the story. We can't blame five more deaths on the Joker? No, let's just tarnish Batmans reputation.

There is a cameo with Scarecrow played by Cillian Murphy . Last time he was a huge bad guy, so why, if he was the bit threat, is he out and about. When the Scarecrow is captured Batman is not even perturbed. Again it makes no sense. You take the big bad from the last movie and then treat him like any other villian?

Instead of a live mix Glenn worked on a mix this afternoon. It is around 20 minutes. It is between a traditional mix and a mashup. He included a better version of something he discovered last week. Glenn then played the world wide debut of his new mix: "July 23 2008 - GlennFM Mix"

Glenn thanked everyone for their help in the "elimination games". Human Ransom is doing well, "Glenn" is doing well, and OpAphid did very well winning that game. It warms his heart and he appreciates the positive thoughts.

The thing that got Glenn first interested in Lonelygirl15 was whether Bree was real or not. Glenn read about it on Digg before the big reveal. It was during the speculation phase. What was the first video Glenn watched? The week of September 1-10. He got the appeal and he liked it but he was more facinated by the news about it. He was interested in the meta more because he did not know what the story was. The character was compelling but he was not sure what the story was about. Cassieiswatching made him more interested in the story.

To they layman and the masses a lot of them think of Lonelygirl15 more as a character than a story.

The creators saw how compelling the dual story telling was in Cassieiswatching and Opaphid. They offered opportunities that did not exist within Lonelygirl15. Cassieiswatching captured the imagination. At the start we knew less, and Cassieiswatching was far more effective in that sense. With OpAphid we already knew too much.

What Glenn likes about "Rosemary's Baby" is that if you take away the end and the "big scene" it plays out like any other movie of the era. If you look at Lonelygirl15 and cassieiswatching you almost have the same dynamic. The glimpse of Crowley gave us a small hint. The first Cassieiswatching was disturbing but not in a way that repulsed you. It was done in an artistic way. You are not quite sure what is going on. It is a wonderful way that draws you in.

The mistake in the second Cassieiswatching video is that it went from something that was tastefull to the second video. The first video was simple but elegant. It was almost one perfect camera shot. It worked in a fantastic way.

The 2nd half of The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful was Glenn's homage to what glenn would have done. this is what the 2nd cassie is watching video should have been . They should have ripped off themself and done just the same style of the first video with the pay phone. That is what Glenn was going for. It could even have been a simple shot of the playground. He gets why Manson was there but it would have been better to have copied the same tone.

The Action of an Enemy - Be Careful - OpAphid

The Crowley glimpse in Lonelygirl15 was good. That is like before the move into the building in "Rosemary's Baby"

Glenn challenged everyone to go out and write a story for LG15 Today using the parallels between Lonelygirl15/cassieiswatching. and Rosemary's baby.

Had the creators not been outed perhaps the ceremony would have been more creepy and more like the big scene in Rosemary's Baby.

Cassieiswatching served as the tent pole suggesting that something was up.

What we never got was that in Rosemary's Baby she was altered by the event. We dont know how much acceptance of a reality she had. She has theories. When she learns the truth she is blown away. We as an audience knew something was up. Bree became suspicious about what was going on but was that comparable? Then Bree fled. It would have been like Rosemary fled.

Imagine this. Before the fake ceremony thing about what could have worked. What if we got Daniel's video in the woods. What if Bree went on with life like normal. The mystery of the show could have become that the details of the ceremony remained a unknown and Bree went on with her life. The fake ceremony took away the opportunity to add another layer to the story. Hind sight being 20/20 we can look at what could have been better. What do people wish had been done differently? Story wise what disappointment was the biggest turning point? Think about it at the "Anchor Cove level". What is the lesson that can be learned in story telling. Glenn would say the fake ceremony. It was a let down for the early fans. It delayed a pay off that we may still not have had to date. Human Ransom was a good pay off in terms of an arc. The arc was planned backwards from Human Ransom and then Glenn wrote the most interesting path he could.

Glenn thoght the show was ending on Oct 12, 2006. 10-12-06 was building to an end. Now we are heading towards and end of the series. What could be done currently? How satisfying can it be when another series is launching. As someone who writes and runs his own production Glenn says there is a lot more freedom working with a short run planned ending. You can tell a better story if you don't have to keep it open in order to keep it going in the future.

Unless you have your advertising pre sold then you can get caught. If it does well you want to keep it going in order to make money off it. It is very clear that when Cassieiswatching ended she could not come back. It was planned to end and they stuck to their plan. They have integrity.

It is even tough with writer turnover. Glenn talked about David Kelly and LA Law. When he left it was not so good. Glenn recommended the first half of a movie called " From The Hip " written by David Kelly (86). It has Judd Nelson as an ambitious lawyer. The first 45 minutes are clever and novel.

With OpAphid Glenn announced a new story arc when he was still trying to figure things out contractually. It becomes pressure. You do not want to loose the momentum. With RedEarth Glenn feels better about the break than sacrificing qualtiy. With LG15 it is great that they will have a break. It is tough.

Glenn talked about old school vs new school views of the show. Most of the old school people would say that the fake ceremony definitely changed things. The Daniel video kept up the momentum and it could have fit into something greater if the ceremony had not turned out to be fake. All that said, hind sight is 20/20.

If you still have not seen Rosemary's Baby do yourself a favor and watch it and you will know what Glenn is talking about. Glenn is a movie kinda guy as opposed to a "film critique" kinda guy. Rosemary's Baby is an awesome movie but it is also considered a well crafted film. A great film can be a shitty movie. Rosemary's Baby is one of the few examples that accomplish both well.

Here is the archive of of stories from LG15 TODAY concerning Glenn's radio show on BreeFM.

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  1. While Glenn is an interesting person, and his show is admittedly entertaining, I dont care anymore.

    I know that sounds harsh, but our newfound interest in him began with Maddison Atkins. This show was interesting and entertaining and it grabbed out hearts. But this show is nowhere to be seen. It has been months and months and months and months.

    I'm done. I'm done waiting. I'm done listening to him. I'm done. I just dont care anymore. If he has so much time to do this show, than he has time to work on the other story lines that he roped us in with.

    Whatever. I'm out.

  2. For a guy who likes to talk about how he could have done things so better with everyone else's work, it's funny how he has no work of his own, and has supposedly spent years now trying to get funding for his own ideas.

    If his ideas were so great, he'd be in the position the C's are in now, with a viable company producing quality shows and deals with majors like CBS.

    I've never understood the fascination some have with him. While he gave the community a few months of interesting videos, he can't follow through with his projects. There are a bunch of members of this community who have given us interesting videos -- he's nothing special.

  3. The fact that Lonelygirl15 was a major news story opened a lot of doors for the c and they did well with the KM deal and the CBS deal.

    When you start out today it is a very different environment and anyone who has ever tried to start business relationships knows it takes months of hard work and dead ends.

    As for the show the comparison of Rosemary's baby to Lonelygirl15/Cassieiswatching has been an eye opener for me. Glenn has an amazing way of looking at things in a new way. Well, it is new for me at least.

    We are still waiting for those articles people, so I hope someone takes a crack at the challenge he threw down. Let's see what YOU can come up with.

  4. Glenn has spoken about ideas well before lg15. In fact, Opaphid was something he had already written and adapted to fit into the lg15 universe.

    And MM, I wouldn't hold your breath waiting for something from Glenn. His track record speaks for itself.

  5. I think most of us wished we had a track record one tenth as good as Glenn. If you listen to his show you would know how insightful he is. If you have watched his videos you know how talented he is.

    We are sure we don't do him credit in the recap but we try.

  6. yay for dramaquits!

    "If his ideas were so great, he'd be in the position the C's are in now, with a viable company producing quality shows and deals with majors like CBS."

    yeah, that's how it works. the person with the best "ideas" always succeeds. lol.

  7. Don't be a stranger, Eliz! I hope this doesn't mean your leaving the Breeniverse totally. Stay in touch! If you have a myspace, please add me: http://myspace.com/virginian9000

    As far as the other comments in the thread, I'm confident Glenn will be successful in this industry one day. It isn't easy to break into this thing, and web video is still rocky as an industry, despite all the new players jumping in. It isn't always the best ideas that win the deals.

    As of now though, its a fact of life that he can't just continue producing content for free forever. It isn't about time at this point. He's said many times on his radio show that he is handling the business end of things right now. Let's see how that plays out.

  8. Money is certainly a driving force, I agree.
    But as an artist, I gotta say, we do art for the sake of art, not for a paycheck. It's not something you can control. It's got to come out period, whether you get paid for it or not.
    Now, is Glen making videos and sitting on them until the right offer comes along? I don't think so. The kid has an ego. He isn't gonna deprive us of his glory for very long.
    If Glen is holding out for payment, that speaks volumes about his character and why he does what he does.
    Creators don't want to work with him, Logan won't work with him, Sarah won't work with him. I guess they're the ones with the problem, eh?
    RedEarth is a radio show now.

  9. Listen, I don't care HOW "insightful" or "talented" he is...if he never finishes any projects or completes a task, it doesn't mean jack shit in the real world. You can be the greatest mind this side of film making reality, but if you can ever produce content, you belong at the bottom of the totem pole.

  10. I love how much uninformed speculation there is in these comments from the anons.

  11. Enuff Z&#39;NuffJuly 25, 2008 at 7:04 PM

    'RedEarth is a radio show now' anon -

    The tone of all your comments above show that you are a fan-or you were at one point-and you are pissed off about the lack of RedEarth videos.

    Instead of making assumptions about why this is and talking out your ass, why don't you send Glen an email or ask a question during the radio show if your not satisfied with any explanation given for the delay?

    Speaking as more of a Madison Atkins fan, I don't get why your bitching and I
    I find it laughable that you would assume that someone who makes time every week to update people and answer questions about what's going on is somehow either too lazy, an asshole, a sell-out, doesn't care enough or isn't dedicated.

  12. Anon, you are throwing out facts that are either wrong or misleading. If you want to make claims you need to back them up with facts, or at least provide a context that is fair.

    We have a "do no harm" policy and a deliberate attempt at character assassination with misleading comments comes very close to meeting that criteria.

    This post is a recap for a radio show. Not a venue for you to make inaccurate representations of fact regarding the host of the show.

  13. As someone that has made videos just for FUN...I say to you anonymous..STFU. The videos I made were SHIT...crap.and I spent THOUSANDS...and I didnt have to pay anybody..just feed my dog. I can only imagine what it takes when dealing with actors. Sure there are lots of starving actors in "Hollywood" that will work for free for a short time..to help hone their craft. After a while they start thinking.."gez..what am I doing...I am missing class/work and my rent is late"...POOF! and where does that leave the series? If you think its ALL about cashing in you are a moron. More money means more time to work on stuff..More money means better ability to pay someone. If you say its all about the art...where's your contribution? Why not write Glenn and offer your services..or did ya do that and he turned ya down? Here is a suggestion..you like Glenn's stuff..want more? I am SURE he accepts personal checks and money orders from all of you anonymous philanthropists out there. So once again..till you are willing to put your money where your mouth is..Hey..your opinion is valid but no need to disparage the man cause he has to eat. Realize that..or STFU.
    Many much better funded shows have SUDDENLY stopped production because of lack of money/viewers... Starting something and not finishing isnt a sign of failure, its when the string of unfinished projects stops for good that someone has truly failed. Glenn's show is his attempt to maintain a connection until he can get more going I suspect. Its understandable you dont want to wait anymore..and I kindly remind you not to let the door hit ya where the good lord(the big one, not little ol' me) split ya...or..I am sure Glenn would be glad for you to stick around.

  14. Anon, the c turned their back on the genre as a pure medium of artistic expression a long time ago. The Coalition have set up their own web site in what I assume is a commercial venture but with little sign that it is actually working. We have no idea what happened to Jeromy but we have not seen any life out of Maddison in a long time. After Chapter 1 Jeromy made it very clear that he needed time to take care of his money making video production business.

    Glenn has been pretty up front that he is now in search of a business model that can sustain a series at a certain production quality. It is a producers right to decide how they want to pursue their artistic desires.

    I think when you start dictating to others how they should live their life and direct their creative energy it is the day you should take a good hard look in the mirror.

    If you want to be creative then why not submit a video to this blogspot.

  15. STFU is such an imaginative debate. Sorry daniel. You lose.

    MM, I'm not out to assassinate character. I'm merely giving my opinion from my own viewpoint.
    I never dictated how anyone should direct their creative energy, and I certainly won't tell someone how to live their life. Where did you see this?
    Nontheless, I have looked in the mirror several times in my life. I have made videos (though I've yet to spend 'thousands'), and they have been featured here before. I appreciate this, but I can't change my opinion.
    I enjoy(ed) Glen's videos. I wish he'd make more. But he isn't. Not anytime soon. Prove me wrong, Glen.

  16. I find it interesting that all of the anons are being treated as the same person.

    As if it couldn't be a bunch of us who think the idolization of this person is pathetic.

  17. The drawback of posting as anonymous is lost credibility. Most will view the anonymous as the same person.

    I don't believe idolization is happening. Statues aren't being erected anytime soon. However, I am a huge fan of his work, and will continue to support him.

    Nothing near idolization happened in this blog post. This is a recap of a radio show. I'm not sure where these comments are coming from, but Glenn won't make more videos just because of anonymous comments, lol.

  18. Anon, Logan was an actor on RedEarth88 and the videos were posted on an account created by Glenn so clearly it is Glenn who determines who he works with and not the other way around.

    As for Sara the most recent information we have is that she is still actively involved in the RedEarth88 project so your assertion is totally wrong. Time will tell how the project moves forward but Glenn has clearly stated that for it to progress it needs to be treated as a business enterprise,

    Please try and get your facts straight if you are going to state them as fact. You are entitled to your opinion but your comment is not based on reality.


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