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Wednesday, July 30, 2008

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM

WHAT TIME IS IT?...Coverage of Glenn on BreeFM
Glenn, live on BreeFM @11pm EST, Wednesday.

This article was written live during the show. As such it may contain significant factual errors. Over time it is hoped that these will be corrected.

Lonelygirl15 as we know it will be ending on Friday. We will talk about the past, the present, and the future.

Last night Glenn was able to recover the data on his Mac after 3 weeks of trying.

One deal fell through at the last minute as Glenn has mentioned before. As things are ongoing it is hard because things need to be kept confidential. in the past year Glenn has learned just how much the game plan can change. You never know what will happen particularly in the business world with the current economic situation.

The original plan for the hiatus was to focus on the business model. Deals shift and change. Glenn has pitched both RedEarth88 and other projects. When you deal with advertizers they work with an insane lead time. Some things such as "Icebreakers gum" can be fast, so Glenn was expecting a short lead time. However, people are already talking 2009! To do production work at the same time would be really difficult. Sara has been in high demand since the beginning of the year but she is good to go when the business issues come together. The radio show is important because it allows Glenn to stay in touch with the community. Up to this point, RedEarth88 and OpAphid have been "self" funded, but it is now time to put things on a more secure business footing. Glenn has been "teasing" less because things really do take a long time to come together.

Even for Lonelygirl15 the business aspects took a long time to come together before Conrad Riggs came along. Even with Conrad involved the money was stretched thin. It is challenging. Miles does not get enough credit. Miles and Greg handle all the business. It is hard to oversee a project like Lonelygirl15 and worry about business things at the same time. Eqal must have been in the works for months ahead of time.

Glenn has talked to a lot of companies. He wonders at times if he is just doing free consulting. Bebo was able to sell a series and a platform at the same time. Lonelygirl15 has not had a product integration since jumper. Companies want projects to pay for themselves. People do not want to take risks.

Glenn would rather be writing scrips and making videos. He was spending all his time on that but it was not making money. You have to build a sustainable business model that can work on the level that is desired.

Glenn thanked everyone for their support in the "elimination games", particularly OpAhid and The Human Ransom which both won their games.

Glenn has been working on a new mix. For fun he is going to start it out with a 4-5 minute lead time and he wants everyone to shout out requests. He has a few thousand songs but do not pick obscure stuff.

Glenn then performed a massive live remix "Glenn is Mixing Live - Request songs to DJ GlennFM"

Tachyon and OpAphid
Originally Glenn had a "3rd act" with Tachyon vs OpAphid with Tachyon attacking the OpAphid headquarters ninja style. Tachyon was a double homage to The Professional meets the Point of No Return. Luc Besson writes awesome female protagonists. Glenn tries to think of examples when he comes up with back stories. Pop culture has greatly grown the lexicon of short hand in terms of point of reference. Quentin Tarantino is responsible for changing things. Kevin Smith to a lesser degree. You cite your sources and what inspires you. People can synthesise a visual based on your references.

With Tachyon being on the run things had shifted. Glenn had this big back story. There was information OpAphid did not want revealed. Tachyon wanted to settle the score. As a 2 hr movie it works. He felt it would mess up the format of an online series. He had some other ideas. One in particular he really liked. When the opportunity do do a cross over with LG15 came about that changed how he thought.

Tachyon was always meant to be young (20-24). Perhaps she could have a crush on Daniel. She could reveal the photos. There was already an arc that was plotted out. Tachyon would communicate to Bree and Daniel that there would be a tracking device. People had already figured that out.

Glenn had a heads up on the character of Jonas from approximately the week before Jonas appeared. At the start, Glenn had sent Miles a big document that recapped OpAphid and talked about the backstory for Glenn's universe. Glenn kept Miles updated with where OpAphid was heading, and he was given access to LG15 scripts ahead of time and -- this way both sides of the crossover could sync up, and soon Glenn pitched the "evil Gemma" story
arc, and his role in the show expanded to writing story and scripts for Lonelygirl15.

Was Jonas going to be a good guy or a bad guy? Gemma was possibly evil as hinted to in OpAphid. It was uncertain whether Jackie would stay with the show.

Glenn had the idea of the character having a history with Brother. It could not be with Tachyon because it was too late in the game. Tachyon has a personal grievance. It would not seem weird to introduce Brother at this stage in the game. At one point they thought it could be a bad guy impersonating Gemma. After Gemma Part 1 it was clear that people loved it. Glenn pitched why Gemma should be evil. There was so much more you could do with the character (cf Faith on Buffy). It makes her the coolest character in the series because you do not know if she is good or bad.

Glenn was bummed that Gemma did not come back. Jackie wanted to do theatre.

Gemma tried to kill brother but she was under cover. This mirrored why Gemma put in so much time with Bree. She was like a Tachyon in training. She was not yet at the Tachyon level but she was good enough because she had almost killed him. Glenn even thought that the accent could be replaced. At one time there was talk of having a video by Gemma's roommate and Glenn thought Miles could play the roommate with a very bad British accent.

Product Rant.
Glenn likes Orbit gum and the citrus one. However there are a couple that are really nasty. They have Tropical Fruit minty which is ok. Glenn's safe purchase was strawberry mint. How can you mess that up? Even Extra gets it right. Apparently Orbit has found a way. It tastes like the bad part of the Strawberry. Glenn almost recommends that we all need to go out and try it. It is like a joke. Picture this in an auto shop: A hot girl with the tag line "You know you want a piece".

Back in the 90s glenn did some consulting with the company that made....spectrum. They had a game called Soldier of Fortune. Glenn's idea was to have "Dude, Soldier of Fortune" for the tag line. They did not end up using it. LordGreystoke422 brought up "Dude..where's my car". Glenn said the DVD commentary is almost as funny as the movie.

Rosemary's Baby vs Exorcist ::::POTENTIAL SPOILERS:::::
Glenn was hanging out with with brother "It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia ". When it starts again in the fall it is really going to blow up. Hulu has every episode streaming for free.

They were taking a break from watching the show. The were going through "on demand". Go to Fear-net and watch Rosemary's Baby for another week. They wear talking about scary movies. Glenn told him to go to Wikipedia. Turn out all the lights in your room so that you only have your computer monitor before you look at this. Go to http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Captain_Howdy. Glenn's brother jumped back and said "Dude, we should watch the Exorcist". It was 3 am, and Glenn had only read about the exorcist. The original trailer is creepy in a Rosemary's Baby way. They also watched the never released trailer on YouTube.

They then watched the movie. It starts slow and then gets interesting. Basically they flash Captain Howdy subliminally in the movie. It gets to where Linda Blair is all crazy. The depiction does not do justice to what you read. Glenn was expecting a really twisted movie. With the exception of the flashes and one moment in the film they were not really scared. They did cringe at the needle.

When that movie came out it was probably crazy and scary. Rosemary's Baby same thing but even today it is creepy and it stays with you. Even though Glenn knew the major beats of the story he was still scared. The Exorcist has been referenced so much and exposed with clips and that has the effect of ruining the movie from a scary point of view. The shock value is really gone because of all the exposure it has received. You are not getting the same experience as the audience in 1973. Not a bad, movie but not everything Glenn wanted it to be.

There is not a lot in Rosemary's Baby that you can really parody, or reference. Lost Boy II, The Dark Knight, etc cannot match Rosemary's Baby for Glenn's top movie at the moment. The medium of film and video is heavily influence by what has gone before it.

Glenn's model in life
Kevin Smith made Clerks for 27K. Today you can make things much cheaper. Glenn's model in life is that if you want to do something in a field that does not need a degree you need:

1. a) A good solid idea that you are excited about. It needs to resonate with other people. It has to be your life. (passion and commitment). If you don't need other people in any way then that is different.

b) The quality of your work. Most people will tell you something is good. If people want to work on your stuff you can really tell that it is good.

2. Study how other people have done it and succeeded. Don't just read one thing. You need to study how multiple people have done things in the same medium. How did it succeed and why did it succeed? The why might diminish the how but by looking at multiple success/failures you can see a pattern.

Glenn started a band in 1996. They were originally Hip Hop. By summer of 97 they had an offer from A&M Records. Every bit of knowledge that led to that came from studying what had worked for other people.

Glenn and Dominick met and talked about current music in 1995. The subject of "Better Than Ezra" came up. One person was an intern at William Morris. He knew the inside of the business. They then talked about other bands and business details they had learned from interviews. They had the music and the passion but they needed to learn the business.

Since then Dominick has had 2 other bands that have been successful. It does not hurt to stay informed. 10 years ago this was possible but with the Internet you don't need to look very far.

If you get successful and you have not studied, then you are rolling the dice. You always need to keep your edge. You don't just duplicate someone elses path.

Next week: the Lonelygirl15 post mortem.


Glenn is Mixing Live - Request songs to DJ GlennFM

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  1. This is the first time I had heard the music mix thing. Let me tell you, its awesome! You have to hear it!! That was cool!

  2. Yea it is V9. Now this is entertainment.

  3. By the way. . .Gemma was meant to be almost as good as Tachyon?? WOW! Puts Gemma in a whole new light, doesn't it!


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