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Friday, August 1, 2008

1:00 PM - (LG15)

mobile video upload


  1. i think im the first one not to complain about the length of the videos.

  2. That was NOT worth the wait OR the trouble.

  3. We get it, Sarah's dad is a bad father. Next please

  4. What happened to the pipe?

  5. This is ridiculous. These short vids aren't progressing the story one bit and just circle around the drain.

    Let it go already! Ugh.

  6. This video seems to confirm Sarah's story about her father - I think that's worth seeing... also probably sets up her later action in the finale to help TAAG more.

    I don't like not being able to make out what he is saying for much of it.

  7. I think in the last episode, Taylor and Sarah will gang up and push their father overboard to the sharks, and then, as they are all rowing away in a lifeboat as the ship sinks (off camera, of course), Mallory will leap out of the water and drag Daniel under with her to a watery grave.

  8. i wish I knew what either of them had said..I couldn't understand anything.

  9. I bet he's Farther of the year in the order.


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