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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Final Trailer "THE RESISTANCE" Webisode Series - theresistanceseries

NOTE: This is not the new series from Eqal. It is on a YouTube account called "theresistanceseries" and has it's own web site.

The Resistance team is all working hard on releasing the series. We have taken longer than expected because this project quickly snowballed and we are currently trying to figure out the best path for this project. Thanks to all those who has subscribed and continue to wait. We are prepping to shoot the rest of the season so hang tight!!!

-TR team

Directed, Shot, Cut by Adrian Picardi
Produced by Eric Ro and Don Le

Music: E.S Posthumus - Pompeii

Lust TEASER "The Resistance" Webisode Series

"The Resistance" series - Lust Teaser

This is the official sneak peak at "The Resistance" webisode series--a teaser depicting themes of greed prevalent within the storyline.

It's the new action-packed, dramatic webisode series from Director Adrian Picardi. Full episodes premiering soon in early 2008!

Music Remix by Motorcycle



  1. Hopefully this means that EQAL will change the name.....please God...

  2. I'm confused. Is this the LG series?

  3. No, it is another online web series with the name "The Resistance".

  4. The name of the new series doesn't bother me that much.

    But I don't like sharing.

  5. Try searching for "The Resistance" or just "Resistance" on bebo... quite a few hits. A more unique name for the Eqal series would be a good idea.

  6. Could someone modify this post to make it ABSOLUTELY CLEAR that this is not an LG15/EQAL production?

    Because currently, this thread is very misleading.

  7. FightTheOrder or HymnOfNone would be better titles than "The Resistance." I mean, I guess that it's going to be more of a season 4 of LG15 than a new series so "The Resistance" is more of a subtitle, but still.

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