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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

From Yousef on MySpace

(I've copied and pasted straight from the MySpace bulletin - the typos are Yousef's not mine :-) )

To everyone out there who made the last two years of my life soooo amazing!!!

First off, I recieved so many birthday, birfday and b-day wishes on here that it really made me think how lucky I've been. I want to thank you all personally for that. It was great! On my bday I also happened to have the wrap party for LG15. I gotta admit I was a little sad at first, not only because I was out of a job on that day, but also because I was scarred that maybe this would never happen again. Andy warhol was quoted for saying something like "everyone will one day have there 15 min of fame" and I was worried that maybe this was mine. I hope not, I mean I dont plan on giving up but anyway that's not the point. The point is that as the night went on I had kinda shyed away from everyone, or atleast in my opinion I did. I realised something that night though. I realised that I had been a part of something that might actually be remembered years down the road. I realised that I had been giving a chance to start my dream and actually live it for a while. I finally realised that I did mae the right decision when I first said that I was going to pack my car and move out to LA to make a living as an actor. It sounds crazy to me to even really thin about that, not that I did at the time. I was so full of my dreams that I'm sure I blocked out everyone who told me it couldn't happen. I'm glad I did, because I moved out here and booked in my opinion one of the greatest shows anyone could. And sure, maybe hollywood doesn't now my name right now and people still think it's a girl in a room blogging or are surprised that it was still running but I knew the truth. The truth was I got to work on something brand new, in all aspects of entertainment. I've made friends with people on here who interacted with the show. I've made a new family with the cast and crew of the show that I worked so tightly with. It has litterally been a gift and I will never forget any of it. So, anyway I just realised that I went off on a tangent. I started writting this just to say thans for the birthday wishes and it turned into something waaaay different!!! Anyway, my birthday although I was a little depressed starting it off ended up being the best birthday since the day I was born, which I assume wasn't really a great day, sounds kinda painful and stuff....maybe I should erase that last part. oh well on a roll dont want to stop typing. Aaanyway it ended up being the best birthday I could have ever imagined. I got to spend it with some of the people closest to me and on top of that Greg, Miles and Amanda were doing this speech at the end, and all of a sudden I hear the words "and it happens to be his birthday too" and I'm like crap they're gonna sing to me. There's nothing more uncomfortable then being sung to by a group of people, but luckily they didn't, they brought me up for something else. So I'm standing now infront of everyone and they're saying really nice stuff and hold out this blac box with a latch. They say it's a gift for me and Greg starts to open it while he's speaing. I see this thing inside of it that looks lie one of those arm bracelets in the shape of a spring, and I'm thinking while trying not to let them see the confusion on my face "what the hell is that? Jewelry?" Well Greg continues to speak and says "as most of you now, we brought home the webby this year for best drama series" and I'm lie nooooo, no way, then he say's "and we would lie to give it to you, Yousef" I swear I almost died! I didn't now what to say, but I was so touched.

It was the coolest thing I had ever recieved and meant more then the world to me! So to all of you on here, the cast and everyone behind the scenes of lonelygirl15 I say thanks for the dream and know that there is a special place in my heart for all of you!!!!!!

-Yousef A


  1. Yousef, you are a class act by any measure. Not only are you a great actor, but you are a great community member and a great human being.

  2. So this just makes me want to hug Yousef. Without him, LG15 would not be the same. This bulletin just shows that he knows how important the show was to us, and entertainment...and it just shows a lot about his character.

  3. That was a classy thing for the creators to do, recognizing Yousef's long contribution to their show by giving him the Webby award.

  4. Yousef is the best. Seriously the best.

  5. I think that all of my friends on msn would agree when I say that Yousef = epic. We love you.

  6. omg that was the sweetest thing ive read in a long time. Thats so appropriate they gave him the webby award :D

  7. Yousef is simple great


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