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Friday, August 22, 2008

An Infinite Resistance Crisis?

oh noes
So, with the apparent hoax and revelation the other night that there are TWO webshows called "The Resistance" coming up soon, I did a little trademark search at the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office website to see how many Resistances there possibly could be. I did find a trademark submission for the non-EQAL Resistance series, but, much more importantly, I also managed to unearth two additional alternate realities for "The Resistance."

Alternate Resistance One.

Check out this mission statement!
fight da order?

Surely, this has to be about Jonas and the anti-Order gang show debuting next month right?

WRONG! This manifesto actually comes from a 1997 "Resistance" newsletter of the "National Smokers Alliance," which took up the heroic fight against smoking bans! Check that logo:

save the smokers? WTF!

This Resistance claimed to be a grassroots organization, but was secretly run by a mega PR firm and funded by the tobacco companies. At one point it claimed to have 3 million members, which was simply a lie.

But man, they put on a good show!
ramming the gates of smoker-racism hell!
Doesn't that just make you want to go violate some smoking bans? They also had stickers and stuff just like lg15's fight the order campaign.
I mean, who doesn't want stickers featuring a dove taking a drag, whilst riding on a tank and carrying an olive branch. Or is that tobbacco leaves? In any event: WTF?!

After being exposed as a front organization, the National Smokers Alliance and The Resistance was extinguished. Their "Resistance" trademark claim has now been abandoned. The Order, a.k.a., People Who Don't Want Cancer, prevailed.

Alternate Resistance Two.

Now, the second Resistance that I found will not easily be confused with TAAG et al. Its run by an organization called Operation Keepsake, and its trying to protect ALL GIRLS (and guys), not just trait positive ones:

I wonder if they have Watchers.

Here's the nifty logo:
They probably don't approve of boob thumbnails either.

Since virginity long went the way of Bree's "purity bond" on lg15, I think we can be assured that this Resistance will not be featured on the new EQAL show.

So, there you go. How many Resistances are there? Get googling, folks!


  1. A search for "The Resistance" on bebo returns 2,590 results including 255 groups.


  2. A practical reason for EQAL to adopt a more unique name is to enable use of RSS feeds to search the internet for news specifically related to their new show.

    On the right column of this blog, we have an RSS news feed for "lonelygirl15" and another one for "Kate Modern" - these both work well at finding relevant news. Obviously, an RSS feed using "The Resistance" is not going to work.

  3. I keep expecting them to come out with a new name and go "fooled ya".


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