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Saturday, August 23, 2008

Intermission Review: Lonefox101 24in24 halfway through

Kudos to Lonefox101 for this epic presentation, a true 24 videos in 24 hours.

For those who need a refresher on the characters and story that came before this event, there is a good summary available on LGPedia here: http://www.lg15.com/lgpedia/index.php?title=Lonefox101.

In the past, Ethan has been through many encounters with the Order, including dying, being restored to life, and changing personalities temporarily to become a murderous Elder named Jason. But for the most part, Ethan has been trying to save girls like Annie (Emma's sister) and Tiffany (a trait-positive girl) from members of the Order such as a woman named Emily. Tiffany has survived several ceremonies in the past and this eventually made her trait negative, and Annie has been kidnapped by the Order a few times and wants to protect Emma.

The 24in24 began at 12:00 AM with the the main character Ethan at home with Tiffany. In the first 12 hours, Ethan's home has been broken into, he interrogated a suspected Watcher, received a private transmission from Annie, went on the road to try to save her, was shot at by someone in another car on the highway but managed to get away, ran out of gas and had to hitch hike, was picked up by a member of the Hymn of One named Crystal who just happened to be going his way, received a coded message from Annie via myspace giving her location, went there and found her murdered in the shower, received a video and text message from Order member Emily who has captured Tiffany, visited live chat to get advice, and has received a video with advice about a tracking bracelet from his friend the kid genius Adam.

I'm pretty impressed with the overall production effort so far. It tells a story, with reasons why things happen, and Ethan's responses to these events make sense, with Ethan trying to prevail not only over the Order, but also over his own flaws, doubts, and mistakes. Even though it is scripted, the improvisation by Ethan gives the blogs a 'real' feeling within the premise. Each video is a little different - there is variety. The video image quality is good, and the audio is easy to understand which is important (I would take bad video with good audio any day). I also like the music, and the fact that there are multiple characters posting videos. All that takes work and attention to detail.

I'm looking forward to the second half of this 24in24. Now, back to the show...

--> Lonefox101 24in24 on LG15 Today blog
--> Lonefox101 on YouTube


  1. Great post Qtec. That was just what we needed.

    This is actually quite amazing and very entertaining to watch.

    The quality has been impressive and the music selections very good.

  2. Great summary, Q. I've enjoyed it today as well. I just got back from work and caught up.

  3. I'm extremely impressed! Good job to these community content-creators for pushing out such a great event-day for their series!


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