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Wednesday, August 20, 2008

LG15: The Resistance to Premiere September 16

The New York Television Festival has announced its first-ever Digital Day on September 16. Miles, Greg, and Amanda will be there to premiere the new LG15 show, The Resistance.

Source: insideLG

The New York Television Festival http://nytvf.com announces first-ever Digital Day.

Free Premier Open to the Public, with Free refreshments provided by MSN (it is suggested to make a reservation via the website in late August)

According to the website:http://www.nytvf.com/2008_boxoffice.htm

Digital Day Events are "Free & Open to Public"
"Entry to free events is guaranteed to Festival and Premium pass holders provided they arrive 15 minutes prior to schedule starting time."
"For non pass holders: reservations for all free events is suggested."
"Full schedule and single ticket event registration will begin in late August."
"The 2008 NYTVF is being held at New World Stages in Midtown Manhattan September 12th -17th."

According to the Schedule: http://www.nytvf.com/2008_schedule.htm
Tuesday, September 16th - DIGITAL DAY Digital platforms are having a profound impact on how stories are being told and how viewers are able to experience them. This day is dedicated to exploring the creative side of the digital frontier and what opportunities are being created for producers exploring this space. From 7:00 PM to 10:00 PM, MSN is providing refreshments for attendees.

7:00 PM – 7:45 PM – EQAL Premiere and Discussion Free Web series premiere screening event (no pass needed) Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, founders of EQAL and creators of lonelygirl15 and KateModern, will speak about the creation of their newest highly anticipated online series “The Resistance,” which will make its world debut live for the Festival audience.
According to http://www.broadcastingcable.com/article/CA6589044.html?industryid=47171
"Miles Beckett and Greg Goodfried, founders of EQAL and creators of lonelygirl15, will premiere their new series, which takes place in the lonelygirl universe, The Resistance."

The Resistance on Lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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  1. We still can't believe they would go for a generic name like The Resistance. We always suspected that might be a front for a more compelling name. I guess not.

  2. The date is set, apparently!

  3. Is this particular event at NYTVF open to the public, because I really wanna go.

  4. I imagine that sets the the online airdate toward the end of Sept. Allowing one month for testing we might see the beta launch at the end of August. Just speculating of course...

  5. We have a date!

    I'm glad for that.

  6. The event is open to the public. If you look on the site it says it's free. For most of the other events, you would need to buy a pass (which is like almost $200). I'm so excited that they are doing an "event" per say on the east coast.

  7. traverstown, see my additions to the article ... open to the public and free, also free refreshments provided by MSN ... the website suggests making a reservation in late August (via the website I assume, but there is also a telephone number there).

    The event is located at "New World Stages" in midtown Manhattan.

    If anyone attends, it would be great to get a video of the event to post here on the blog.

  8. Yes, thank you.

    I really hope I can go...But I'd have to take the train...eh.

  9. Does this mean the new show is in NY?!?!?

    Who lives in NY that might wanna go with me?


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