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Friday, August 1, 2008

LG15 Today technical difficulties

LG15 Today blog is currently experiencing some kind of technical difficulty which makes it hard to load (if at all) in Internet Explorer, and which totally pegs CPU usage at 100% while the page is loaded in a Firefox browser window.

I am trying to find out what is causing this problem by a process of elimination. Don't worry, articles that temporarily disappear from the blog are all saved as drafts and will be restored shortly.

Nothing will be deleted or lost (other than the problem once I find it).

EDIT 8/1/08:
All articles that should be restored have been (let me know if something appears to be missing).

I found two issues:
1. YouTube embed videos appear to consume CPU bandwidth even after the page has finished loading and before the video plays. For now, I reduced the number of articles on the page from 15 down to 10.

2. sitemeter script (which has been working forever) in the lower right corner was preventing IE from loading the page ... this may be a java version issue, but in any case, the sitemeter is removed until the problem goes away ... I have confirmed that those who could not load the page with IE before are able to now that sitemeter is gone. I am also saving the script code in a draft file for future restoration.

EDIT 8/2/08:
I checked the blog today, and the CPU usage issue seems to have disappeared (maybe YouTube made a code change to their player? I don't know). So I have returned the front page to 15 articles, and will continue to check periodically.

EDIT 8/3/08:
Sitemeter appears to be working again with IE, and has been restored.

For more info, see this article posted on sitemeter.com:
Sitemeter IE Issues Resolved - August 2, 2008

~ QtheC


  1. A more efficient approach would be to simply remove all embedded content, like videos and snapvine stuff, and then check if it loads in IE; since pure HTML is very unlikely the problem, chances are high it's the embedded content.

    You can then re-add the embedded content on a per-site basis (YouTube first, then snapvine, bebo, whatever else there is) and see what kill it. Then you can narrow down if it's the applet code itself, or a specific content item.

    On the other hand, if it still doesn't work after you took out all embedded content, you know it's a problem with the blog design or something. (Since pure text doesn't kill browsers, and other blogspots work fine.)

  2. Just for comparison, I guess, I am running Firefox 3, on Windows XP, and I have not experienced these problems today.

  3. I haven't found an isolated problem that can be removed. The static images on the page are not causing any problem once they are loaded.

    The best I can tell, each YouTube video on the page is consuming some CPU performance even if you are not "playing" the video... so the more videos there are loaded on the front page at one time, the more CPU is occupied.

    I don't have endless time to experiment right now, but we might need to find a variation on the standard YouTube embed code that works better.

  4. This is not a definitive answer yet, just how it is looking so far.

  5. So, even when I reduced the number of articles displayed to just 2 (with no videos showing), the page would not load in IE. So there is a bug that was introduced today that I have not been able to identify. I completely removed the header article without any improvement. Modelmotion - did you edit or add anything in the sidebar?

    The page works in Firefox browser, but definitely consumes more CPU when more videos/articles are published on the front page. For now, I am reducing the setting from 15 articles back to 10 articles to help a bit with this secondary problem. IE still fails to load for several users including me (I asked over in #LG15chat , although one user, Bianca23 said she was able to view the page in IE ).

    If anyone has any additional info. that could help, post it here.

  6. I'm beginning to suspect that blogger has a more general issue. I was not able to load wwwshows.blogspot.com with IE right now, and I know that site has not changed at all.

  7. Strangely, Cloud_ax cannot load LG15 Today blog in IE, but is able to load wwwshows ... but phisho could not load wwwshows either.

    multi-server issue with blogger?

    I think this is beyond what I can fix, and we probably just have to wait it out.

  8. I found a problem - the sitemeter java script (far lower right) was causing IE to fail to load the page. I'm not sure why but I removed the code for now (and will save a copy in a draft message).

    It may be a java version upgrade by IE users is needed to match something that changed on sitemeter... something like that.


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