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Friday, August 1, 2008

NowLive Chat

AUDIO FROM EMMA CHAT 2 <===== from HayleyChina

VIDEO OF EMMA CHAT 2 <===== kindredphantom

Screenshots by Maddy

Emma is saying goobye. She needs to go because she is scared. She is happy that Spencer and Taylor are safe. Now they need to get Jonas and Sarah back.

Screenshot by LesterG

Emma came into the chat at 2PM EDT. Rather than talking about the latest video, she announced that she was going into hiding, afraid that the Order would locate her. She bid fans farewell and quickly signed off.

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Additional Screenshot from HayleyChina


  1. Video of the 2nd nowlive chat with Emma.


  2. I had downloaded the video file and the audio file, but I can't watch the video and listen the audio! :-{
    What kind of software should I use to open them, please?


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