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Saturday, August 23, 2008

RU a Sh3ep?

August 23rd, 2008 (09:11 am)

F3ar is an obstacle for some, other realize that it is simply an illusion manifested by the unknown.

RU a Sh3ep?

Do not let the unknown control you Colleen. We hope to see you this afternoon.

Be Safe.

August 22nd, 2008 (11:17 pm)

W3 know a time is coming when we will not live our lives in fear but in freedom.

With out this hop3, little else matters.

The vile evil that exist in this world must be confronted and removed.
If we sit idle, the blood of the innocent will not only be on their hands, but on ours as well.

Will you fight?

Take the F1RST step.



  1. This pretend-hacker/anonymous/whatever shit is becoming more and more pathetic. If they are keeping that up over the course of the series, I'll most definitely not tune in.

  2. Can we please stop putting this on the frontpage of LG15Today? It's making me want to check in less and less.

  3. Why the hostility? Just looks like some fan fiction to me... no more out of place than the coverage of the lengthy (over-)analysis of Gina's demise, for instance.

    You may take a different approach, but nothing wrong that I can see with someone playing a role as a resistance member.

    I'm not worried about spoofing, because fakes are going to be quickly detected and identified.

  4. The hostility is because it cheapens the actual Hymn of None before it's even had a chance to assert itself. This isn't an OpAPHID thing. This is just someone posting pseudo-intellectual crap and not actually saying anything, while replacing e's with 3's because it somehow makes it have that industrial/techno/NIN vibe, and using the Hymn of None name to act as its mouthpiece, which it's not. (If it is, the show is dead on arrival.)

    When the LJ posts something of substance, maybe then. But right now it's just random mumblings of someone who just discovered Plato and wants to tell us about it without being obvious.


    I'm not gonna hate on this HoN thing, because hell, I still hope that this new show won't completely be a dog turd, but UGH...Apart from the hacking of the Salina page, I'm just not that interested.


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