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Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sofias Diary Ep 102

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  1. Do pple actually say "hurra". I dont even know how to spell it.......lol......

  2. If these view number are real they are quite impressive:

    Sofias Diary Ep 98
    From: Sofia Taylor
    Views: 782,303

    Sofias Diary Ep 95
    From: Sofia Taylor
    Views: 2,639,640

    Sofias Diary Ep 99
    From: Sofia Taylor
    Views: 947,908

    Sofias Diary Ep 101
    From: Sofia Taylor
    Views: 501,576

    Sofias Diary Ep 97
    From: Sofia Taylor
    Views: 896,063

    Sofias Diary Ep 100
    From: Sofia Taylor
    Views: 2,070,116

    Sofias Diary Ep 93
    From: Sofia Taylor
    Views: 735,924

    Sofias Diary Ep 94
    From: Sofia Taylor
    Views: 1,851,586

    Sofias Diary Ep 96
    From: Sofia Taylor
    Views: 1,401,771

  3. That is a lot of views.

    Just out of curiosity, what was the view count for LG15 series finale.

  4. So far in the range of 10k - 57k


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