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Friday, August 1, 2008

Taylor was back in LG15 IRC Chat


-09:08:44- [soccerstar]: Hi!!
-09:09:01- [soccerstar]: yeah I'm fine, I haven't seen any trouble on my end
-09:09:11- [soccerstar]: but I'm so worried about them!
-09:09:18- [soccerstar]: Did they get separated?
-09:09:47- [soccerstar]: at least they have the blueprints!
-09:10:13- [soccerstar]: no just got a text when jonas downloaded the blueprints...nothing since then
-09:10:59- [soccerstar]: i know kevin! that's what i'm so worried about :(
-09:11:32- [soccerstar]: brb
-09:12:07- [soccerstar]: k i'm back, thought i heard something
-09:12:18- [soccerstar]: I'm etting so paranoid out here
-09:12:43- [soccerstar]: nothing alexis. no one's seen her since the explosion
-09:12:54- [soccerstar]: I'm trying Randy, I'm trying
-09:13:26- [soccerstar]: Obviously the order and my dad know everyone's on the boat. They'll stop at nothing until Jonas, Daniel, Jennie, and Sarah are taken care of
-09:13:34- [soccerstar]: I'm so worried
-09:13:47- [soccerstar]: if they do, coolwill, I'll let you know
-09:13:54- [soccerstar]: BK what should I do???
-09:14:05- [soccerstar]: *staying calm
-09:14:33- [soccerstar]: no Bianca, she doesn't know anything about this and I want to keep it that way.
-09:15:37- [soccerstar]: I don't know what happened to Daniel. All I know is what's in the vid
-09:15:48- [soccerstar]: silverblue, i can't run. They need me
-09:15:54- [soccerstar]: No
-09:16:09- [soccerstar]: she's off with her boyfriend, I don't want to involve her in this.
-09:16:37- [soccerstar]: Hopefully we hear from them soon and it's a vid form a lifeboat!
-09:16:54- [soccerstar]: trying Silverwolf, I'm trying!
-09:17:33- [soccerstar]: yes I'm here
-09:18:06- [soccerstar]: i'm on some deserted beach... don't want to give away my location, ya never knw
-09:19:27- [soccerstar]: there are no public places here. and besides, the order isn't afraid of hurting people in public, right?
-09:21:04- [soccerstar]: I'm fine, it's all just sinking in I guess.
-09:21:28- [soccerstar]: I feel so helpless. This is all my fault... I led my father right to them
-09:22:21- [soccerstar]: But I still feel responsible
-09:22:46- [soccerstar]: If we don't hear from them soon I'm going to find a way onto that boat.
-09:23:38- [soccerstar]: What else wd you suggest I do? Just sit here? Sara's right. We have to TAKE ACTION
-09:24:29- [soccerstar]: Guys! Jonas just sent a text to the comment board!!
-09:24:47- [soccerstar]: omg!
-09:26:44- [soccerstar]: i'm glad he's ok but what about Daniel???
-09:27:14- [soccerstar]: I'm going to move again just to be safe. I'll check in later.


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