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Friday, August 1, 2008

Taylor was in LG15 IRC Chat


-08:19:20- [soccerstar]: Anyone here?
-08:19:29- [soccerstar]: hi Kelly!
-08:19:42- [soccerstar]: hi cheddar, jessi, grace
-08:20:04- [soccerstar]: I just saw the video and thank goodness Sarah came to her senses
-08:20:10- [soccerstar]: that's the first thing
-08:20:23- [soccerstar]: but 2nd, OMG they are in so much danger!
-08:20:33- [soccerstar]: ok Mitch, I'll recap for you
-08:20:50- [soccerstar]: We got Sarah's coordinates in the middle of the night
-08:21:04- [soccerstar]: Daniel & Jennie made it the boat
-08:21:05- [soccerstar]: it
-08:21:15- [soccerstar]: is some weird Hymnn of One cruise ship or something
-08:21:31- [soccerstar]: I stayed on shore to help out from here
-08:21:45- [soccerstar]: I figured that wd be best, now I wish I was there to help!
-08:22:01- [soccerstar]: Randy, unless you're an expert hacker or have a helicopter, I'm not sure
-08:22:18- [soccerstar]: I've been trying to hack the ship's computer
-08:22:29- [soccerstar]: no idea bluejaybird, i've lost contact with them
-08:22:48- [soccerstar]: that's what I'm think Jane!
-08:23:14- [soccerstar]: There are life boats on the ship right?
-08:23:33- [soccerstar]: If I can get them to a lifeboat - grace great idea!
-08:23:50- [soccerstar]: What do you guys think?
-08:24:05- [soccerstar]: Haley I wish I could!
-08:24:29- [soccerstar]: Ok so hold on a sec, while I keep working... stand by
-08:25:23- [soccerstar]: but sara how else will they get off the boat??
-08:25:37- [soccerstar]: dont think so virginian
-08:25:53- [soccerstar]: hopefully Sarah's exlposion worked for now. It'll have to...
-08:26:03- [soccerstar]: What wd you suggest Randy?
-08:26:30- [soccerstar]: Pok, she was targeting whatever equipment they have for the ascension ceremony
-08:26:56- [soccerstar]: they'll find her coolwill... right?
-08:27:15- [soccerstar]: no idea pok :(
-08:27:26- [soccerstar]: yes Jane, i'm almost there...
-08:27:48- [soccerstar]: trying... i hope so Jane
-08:28:02- [soccerstar]: ya apparently it is bluejay
-08:28:15- [soccerstar]: yes Frank that is the best idea
-08:28:24- [soccerstar]: i wish i'd gone with them. i'm stuck on the beach
-08:28:35- [soccerstar]: ok i've got something... hold on
-08:30:10- [soccerstar]: I found them! Posting now
-08:30:54- [soccerstar]: http://lg15.com/lonelygirl15/forum/viewtopic.php?f=119&t=18257&p=638752#p638752
-08:31:01- [soccerstar]: just posted them in the forum
-08:31:09- [soccerstar]: i think these are the blueprints for the ship
-08:31:49- [soccerstar]: i hope this helps them!
-08:32:09- [soccerstar]: at least they'll have a map of the ship and can find somewhere to hide
-08:32:34- [soccerstar]: I'm trying my best...
-08:32:44- [soccerstar]: hide or better yet find a lifeboat!
-08:32:58- [soccerstar]: i don't mitch. No idea
-08:33:11- [soccerstar]: what do you suggest bluejay?
-08:33:56- [soccerstar]: No, and I have nothing to say to him.
-08:34:14- [soccerstar]: after what he's done...the lies, the betrayal
-08:34:19- [soccerstar]: I'll never forgive him
-08:34:46- [soccerstar]: good idea! I'll tell them to blend in... hard to do when you're running from the order though
-08:35:06- [soccerstar]: I tried call Sarah but it just went to VM
-08:35:16- [soccerstar]: what sort of trick?
-08:35:22- [soccerstar]: and I'm all the way on shore
-08:35:30- [soccerstar]: I hope not Zak!
-08:35:38- [soccerstar]: Maybe she's just hiding?
-08:36:21- [soccerstar]: I agree Randy. He's my Father, but he's got to be stopped.
-08:36:31- [soccerstar]: I know Jonas and Daniel will do anything to stop it.
-08:36:56- [soccerstar]: Hopefully the explosion will prevet them from moving forward
-08:37:00- [soccerstar]: with it.
-08:37:07- [soccerstar]: *crossing my fingers*
-08:37:18- [soccerstar]: The point now is to get off that darn boat!
-08:37:43- [soccerstar]: ok Frank I'll tell them
-08:37:49- [soccerstar]: why Kelly?
-08:38:10- [soccerstar]: but aren't we always on the run?
-08:38:18- [soccerstar]: I guess that's why I left...
-08:38:28- [soccerstar]: I'd like it to
-08:38:59- [soccerstar]: that's what I'm starting to realize Kelly. Going home just delayed things... it didn't make it go away
-08:39:11- [soccerstar]: Hi Liv
-08:39:34- [soccerstar]: Hopefully they don't go anywhere near Carruthers. I want them to follow the ship plans and get off that boat!
-08:40:08- [soccerstar]: I tried Frank, but the signals aren't strong enough. She's in the middle of the ocean.
-08:40:28- [soccerstar]: Not sure Mitch, just out to sea somewhere
-08:40:52- [soccerstar]: yeah Jane sort of]
-08:41:11- [soccerstar]: Accordian, that's too dangerous
-08:41:17- [soccerstar]: I want to see them alive!
-08:41:51- [soccerstar]: Yeah I guess you're right. I just want my sister and friends to be ok
-08:42:02- [soccerstar]: But they do need to fight. This is their chance!
-08:42:10- [soccerstar]: I wish I wasn't left behind :(
-08:42:29- [soccerstar]: Zak, do you think I'm in danger??
-08:42:43- [soccerstar]: shit...
-08:43:03- [soccerstar]: ok well then should i move or something?
-08:43:14- [soccerstar]: i mean i need to keep in contact withe everyone on the boat
-08:43:30- [soccerstar]: i'm on the beach, just sitting on some rocks, no one's around
-08:43:46- [soccerstar]: i don't have any friends here!
-08:43:55- [soccerstar]: man you guys are right
-08:44:02- [soccerstar]: hide in the rocks??
-08:44:05- [soccerstar]: haha
-08:44:19- [soccerstar]: I have to stay at the shore in case they get on a lifeboat. I have to wait here for them.
-08:44:48- [soccerstar]: It's an Eqgyptian reference I believe
-08:45:07- [soccerstar]: I'll walk a bit Vogel and see what I can find
-08:45:23- [soccerstar]: no piers around Hayley
-08:46:00- [soccerstar]: thanks everybody! i'm going to keep sending these blueprints to daniel and jonas... hopefully they pick up a signal
-08:46:28- [soccerstar]: and i'll move my spot. thanks! i'll be in touch soon. say a little prayer for everyone on that boat
-08:46:46- [soccerstar]: thank you! BYE!


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