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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Bargaining : TunnelRatatat436

All around me darkness gathers,
Fading is the sun that shone;
We must speak of others matters:
You can be me when I'm gone

Flowers gathered in the evening,
Afternoon they blossom on;
Still are withered by the evening:
You can be me when I'm gone

(These videos are of a fictional nature depicting a community's grief and are not intended to be taken as threatening to others)


  1. Jo162 ...

    Reality shifts in the Soft Paces

  2. TunnelRatatat436 ....

    Very close, but no cigar.

  3. Thanks to Anonymous for posting the link to the anger video, but now I have another question. What the hell was wrong with it? Other then the changing colors in the first part making my headache worse, I couldn't find anything offensive about it. Despite the pain it caused, I watched it three time. What was it? Was it the song or am I missing something? Did you all have headaches also and that is why you took it down? Seriously, someone needs to explain what the hell is going on to me because this makes no sense.

    Anyway, Bargaining video sucked just for having the code at the end. Why do I have to go through the effort of converting it to text, I'm a lazy person. Just say what you want to say.

  4. You might start with Denial Joe:


  5. The two preceding videos in this series are back on the blog now along with their comments discussing the content.


  6. Jo figured it out shortly before I did, the hex actually says

    "Reality shifts in the soft places"

  7. Even though it may be unimportant, the hex in this vid decodes into:

    "Reality shifts in the Soft Places"

    Merely a capitalization difference of the S in the word "Soft."

  8. Good call Apo! You never know, sometimes the little things are the most important.

  9. http://www.amk.ca/quotations/neil-gaiman/page-10

    It's a quote from Niel Gaiman's Sandman if nobody already figured that out.

    "Reality shifts in the Soft Places, in SANDMAN #74, 'The Exile'"

  10. http://www.xanga.com/Elazul/628174032/item.html

    "All around me darkness gathers,
    Fading is the sun that shone;
    We must speak of other matters:
    You can be me when I'm gone

    Flowers gathered in the evening,
    Afternoon they blossom on;
    Still are withered by the evening:
    You can be me when I'm gone"

    ~ Neil Gaiman's Sandman, Two-part poem in The Kindly Ones.

  11. Watched all the video and read all the comments. Turns out I already watched the first one, didn't like any of them.

    This was a complete waste of time. The guy who made the videos did not need to explain himself to anyone. And someone please remove the section on the bottom about these videos not being meant as a threat. It's insulting to my and everyone else's intelligence.

  12. Joe, I'm sorry that you did not agree with or take seriously the concerns I and others expressed on the comments under the "Anger" video. Some have felt very strongly about these videos expressing various viewpoints on this blog, and to me through private messages and direct correspondence.

    This added text, provided by the video's author and added by him voluntarily to the video descriptions on YouTube, was a compromise solution that took a lot of work to reach.

    I hope that the return of the videos to the blog with this added text is a good enough solution to satisfy everyone enough that we can move on from here.

  13. Has anyone revealed themself to be tunnelrat?

  14. Sung to the tune of "Lord Carruthers Exposed)

    Who could Tunnelrat be...
    Can't be Iris cuz' he's dead
    (aside voice: that was a hoax!)
    And though Gallows has 42 sockpuppets
    the truth is something we'll all dread.

    Believe it or not,
    He's right here on the blog
    Deleting posts so none can see
    Well-meaning Orwellian, split personality
    Who could it be?
    Its gotta be QtheC

  15. "And though Gallows has 42 sockpuppets"


    Actually, it's closer to 246.

    And this time, it isn't me. My money is still on Modelmotion, even though he denies it is him ...

  16. QtheC said...

    " Joe, I'm sorry that you did not agree with or take seriously the concerns I and others expressed on the comments under the "Anger" video. Some have felt very strongly about these videos expressing various viewpoints on this blog, and to me through private messages and direct correspondence."

    Huh? In the Anger comment thread, aside from you, voyboy was the only one making a comment that even resembles what you have been saying, and his comment was directed more to the negative attitude of this entire blog than this video.

    Others, while not appreciating the video at all, don't say anything much else -- especially not voicing concerns about threats of violence.

    And those few comments are really hard to find amongst the textual pissing contest between you and gallows.

    I guess it all hinges on the PM's you claim you got.


  17. anon's got a b.s. detector, and he's gonna use it!

  18. Yeah, I can see what you mean anon and milowent. I hadn't gone back myself and re-examined the comments just on those two videos.

    You should add at least this comment to your list though:

    "Greg said...
    errr, this was kind of scary.

    September 21, 2008 11:12 PM"

    (I believe that's Greg Goodfried, commenting on the first video).

    I wasn't trying to b.s. or exaggerate anyone else's opinions - I was just trying to summarize in a few words the wide range of discussion about these videos, their merits or lack, the concerns I raised which some have agreed with and some have not, and whether the videos should be on this blog.

    I have received private messages on YouTube, AnchorCove, on the Lonelygirl15 forum, and via email - again with a range of views broader than the few people posting so much here. I've encouraged people to post their views, even anonymously if they didn't want to get sucked into the drama.

    One thing I will say is that it's pretty clear from what I have read in these messages that some people who supported what I was doing, hesitated to do so publicly for fear of getting involved in the debates and drawing fire. Just something to consider when we talk about being inclusive of all members of the community.

    If those people read this and want to confirm what I am saying great, if not you can choose to believe me or not. I have no reason to lie about this kind of thing. It's not going to change anything.

    I tried to reach a solution that accomodated everyone that expressed a view, whether it matched mine or not.

  19. And here anonymous got to the crux of the problem.
    Nobody but you, Q, found that video threatening. Greg may have said it was scary, but I doubt he felt he was in danger.
    Of course this has all been blown way out of proportion.
    I know I said I wouldn't say anything... but I lied.

    I just want to point out as diplomatically as possible how ridiculous the entire thing has been. I keep coming back hoping it is resolved nut instead I find more of this so-called debate.

    I do agree that the disclaimer is silly. There are a lot of fictional videos involving violence that are posted here that do not need such a disclaimer.

    Of course all of this hinges on whether the "Anger" video was actually threatening someone. As far as I can tell, as I have already stated, Q is the only person who saw it that way.

    The discussion elsewhere has deteriorated into a battle over semantics and plain stubbornness.
    Forget all that happened before and start right here. Let us pretend that majority rules.
    What would be the best way to bury this dead horse?

  20. "What would be the best way to bury this dead horse?"

    I don't know...maybe...just maybe...Q could, you know, admit he made a mistake by taking the video down in the first place and stop fighting everyone and everything?

    But hell has more of a chance of freezing over.

  21. Anonymous, please can we refrain from ad hominem?
    Further attacking Q will only lead to more of the wackiness that has infected this site.
    I really do not want to be responsible for that occurring.

  22. I think it's done. The videos are back. What else is there to talk about?

    But what do I know? :)

  23. Good point Jenni.

    So whats up with all the Sandman references? hmmmm

  24. Jenlight,

    I would ask you to consider the difference between watching the videos objectively in a stand-alone fashion (as I did), with no familiarity with thier maker, vs. the alternative.

    Several of you have had interactions with the maker sometime approximately since the first video was posted (maybe earlier on IRC?), and that casts the series in an entirely different light.

    My view changed quite a bit after interacting today by email with TunnelRatatat, who's stated intentions I took at face value, which is all you can really do in such a case since it is impossible to know someone's true feelings.

    I'm still a little wary because of remaining vagueness and some angry feelings that seem to be behind the production of these videos, and some small inconsistencies in comments posted vs. emails - I likely still have only a partial view. But I have enough to feel comfortable with where things are now.

    But for you to outright deny what was obviously there in the specifics I pointed out is a bit unfair.

  25. Q, I have one question...

    does your hand hurt?

  26. Q, I am humbly asking, please, out of respect for me if that's what it takes, let this go. It has all worked out. We got the video back up and you got the peace of mind you needed.

  27. Jenlight: I've never read Sandman...can you believe it?

  28. As a person outside of the issue, I think the whole thing should be dropped or least take it to a more private arena. If we have new viewers/community members (like I hope we do) this reflects poorly on all of us.

  29. And I'm not passing judgment or taking sides, regardless of the side my previous post applies...

  30. Jenni go read it RIGHT NOW! It is amazing.

  31. Pick up a copy of the illustrated comic novel the "Watchmen" while you at it (if you haven't read that one)

  32. Oh don't even get me started on Watchmen! BEST. BOOK. EVER. Not best graphic novel; Best BOOK.

    Oh BTW I'm a nerd.

  33. What many are missing here are Q's actions against other members of this blog that have EQUAL standing within the eyes of the blog's founder(ModelMotion). What many may not realize is that not only did QtheC PULL the videos but he ALSO removed 2 other members Team Member status on the blog. Some might ask.."HOW did he do this..He must have some greater authority than they did"..the answer is NO..he does not, he just has more audacity...He in essence took over the blog..something that any egalitarian society is at risk of... that being having the societal openness taken advantage of in order for one particular group to gain greater power in one fashion or another...there is a word that describes this behavior..that is tyrant. From it's Greek root it means.."illegitimate ruler".
    Some here say.."let it go"..
    Yet they are unaware that this is not the first time that QtheC has taken this sort of unilateral action against authors on the blog. He has removed Perky's team status here before on more than one occasion, he removed both GregGallows and MiloWent's Team status with TunnelRatGate. Be aware..ANY author of this blog could do the same thing to any other member...yet..to the best of my knowledge.. Only QtheC has engaged in this behavior.(I am sure there are others I don't know of but that is not the point..those were wrong as well if they went against community members in good standing.)
    ModelMotion posted a letter trying to restate this missions and goals of this blog along with his roots. QtheC once again saw fit to write his post titled.."Filling in the gaps". He felt that ModelMotion's post left GAPs in policy here and that it was HIS sole position to make policy that the creator of this blog felt "he" did not need to make. Q asked me in another post if EVERYTHING here would be considered acceptable. The answer is of course NO. What determines this acceptability..that instrument is the community itself. Not one..or a couple of people..not what seems to be a majority..WHEN a video should be pulled it will be self evident. Silence in response to one or a few persons outrage is not adequate. WHEN something is so outrageous it should be removed..people will not sit silent. They will make their voices heard...in droves. The need for a removal will be apparent. Other times..something will be so apparently obscene most will have no question as to the need for its removal. Such things come to mind as child pornography, snuff video, excessive blood and gore, out right direct threats(meaning someone stating directly they mean to do harm to another.)..if another author in good standing..especially more than one puts it back up..this shows a lack of clear consensus on the part of the community and should be deferred to with respect to free speech reigning. Bottom line is that Q shows a lack of respect for other's judgment(including the blog's creator) and the power of the community as a whole to come together and do the right thing...yet he wonders why others do not respect him. One hint he will miss... People can respect someone that can SEE where they may have made a mistake and then say a few simple words. "I AM SORRY"...and mean it. "I am sorry but....." that does not count. Also..saying your sorry and engaging in the same behavior is pretty worthless as well. If the horse were truly dead..I would stop beating it..but..to quote one IRC member "Trying to reason with QtheC is like trying to reason with a wall." Won't be the first time I beat my head against the wallwanna see the knot)...good thing I have a very hard head.

  34. Oh, I've read Watchmen. I'm not a TOTAL n00b. Heehee.

  35. So, not letting this go, huh LGS422.

  36. (reposting comment by LordGreyStoke deleted by mistake - I meant to delete a comment of my own with a typo in it)

    LordGreystoke422 said...
    I am sorry...Who posted 5 hours after my last post..also..it's LG422.
    And..I will drop it once you post other than anonymously....not saying you don't have the right to post anonymously..you certainly DO...But I have the right to post here to my heart's content..Here is a real FANTASTIC tip..if it bugs ya..Don't read it..
    And..now that you got me started..letting something drop. In case you didn't notice..QtheC apparently took nothing away from that whole exchange. Who do you think the "Do No Harm" reminder was directed at? Instead he felt a need to make a post "Filling in the Holes" in a comment. Wall is right.. Letting something go..it would be FAN-Freakin-tastic if my filibuster here maybe made Q think twice before the next time he decide he was the self appointed police of the nanny state he wishes we were in..but that ModelMotion seeks to avoid...Anybody else would have Banned Q a long time ago. Q knows this and he takes advantage of that. Hopefully he knows that next time he pulls a Caesar..I will be digging up these threads and posting TWICE as many comments. IF that's not sufficient threat to deter anyone...nothing is.

    P.S. If you really didn't relish the drama Anonymous..you would refrain from encouraging me and keeping it going..Ahm just sayin..

    September 29, 2008 9:06 PM

  37. Someone, necessarily either the author, or someone with admin status at the time on this blog, edited the disclaimer in the post to read:

    (The videos in this series depict angry bunnies and should not be viewed as threatening to carrots. What can we say..we are cheesy cats.)

    I am editing it now so that it again matches what has been posted by the author on YouTube.

    (These videos are of a fictional nature depicting a community's grief and are not intended to be taken as threatening to others)

  38. TunnelRatatat436 has changed the description on the first video in the series "Denial" on YouTube to read

    (These videos may contain rapid movements which could be deemed threatening to people with IQs of 436.)


  39. Once again...The Censor has spoken. QtheC has removed the videos from the blog yet again. He has learned NOTHING. Apparently his grounds for removal was that he had "Negotiated" with TunnelRat to add a disclaimer. Apparently TunnelRat decided to change the disclaimer to something humorous and QtheC has decided that was grounds for him to remove the video AGAIN. Like I said..the horse truly ISN'T dead. Q will always engage in these unilateral actions against others work. It's how people like him ARE when they have power. Frankly, it's depressing to see how one person can destroy something so many others have worked so hard to build.

  40. We have restored the embed of these videos after overwhelming community consensus. PLEASE respect the community will.


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