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Thursday, September 4, 2008

Blood Sisters by Joshua Hale Fialkov


Joshua Hale Fialkov is a writer for the webseries LG15: The Resistance. He is also the creator of the critically acclaimed cult hit Elk’s Run, a graphic novel released by Random House Publishing’s Villard imprint. His other work includes the ecclectic comedy series Punks the Comic, and beloved horror anthology Western Tales of Terror.

Joshua was the winner of Top Cow Publishing’s inaugural Pilot Season program, wherein 1.5 million people voted for his refresh of Top Cow character Cyblade. A new Cyblade series following up on the pilot starts in the Fall. He’s taking part in Pilot Season 2, writing Alibi alongside artist Jeremy Haun. He has been the translator of many volumes of manga, most notably Del Rey’s Princess Resurrection. Joshua also just completed an acclaimed run on Harris Comics’ iconic Vampirella. He has written for companies including Marvel, Wildstorm, IDW, Dark Horse, Image, Tor Books, Seven Seas Entertainment, Dabel Brothers Productions, and St. Martin’s Press.

Joshua grew up in Pittsburgh, PA, went to college in Boston, were he got a BFA in writing and directing for the stage and screen, and then worked in the New England film industry, until finally deciding to move to Los Angeles to do it properly. Joshua lives with his wife (who happens to be his one true love), Christina, who’s a Librarian and Historian of both Film and California. They live with their instruments (both musical and otherwise), his comics & dvd’s, her books and movie memorabilia, and their two cats, Smokey and The Bandit.

Josh Fialkov on LGPedia.

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  1. LOL! The shadow makes him look like he has a mullet. Business in the front. Paaaaaaaaaartey in the back!


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