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Monday, September 15, 2008

Call to Arms - hymnofnone99

Our fight begins now. -- HoN

Call to Arms - hymnofnone99 on LGpedia.

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  1. What does the sign say that flashes at the beginning?

  2. As far as I can tell, it says "National Go Topless Day August 23rd"

  3. cool video, although it looks like TR is playing the field ... first Anonymous, then Zarbod, and now stalking Jonas. I'm beginning to wonder if Mallory is behind The Resistance. ;)

  4. The sidewalk cafe is located at

    33°59'16.15"N 118°28'27.99"W

  5. Hahaha yeah TR is super needy. No wonder Jonas wont take her calls!

  6. This video appears to be accepting non-canon video responses on YouTube (not sure if they are by approval or on auto-approve)

  7. Yes, I did appreciate seeing community videos there and being able to attach mine. I hope that becomes a habit, that new community videos during that week are able to be attached to the lg15 video if so desired. I mean, I first started watching lg15 myself because I found a video that was attached to an lg15 video way back in 2006. I always thought it was the smart way to go to let community videos be attachments, and I'm glad to see that being done on this video.

  8. And now the non-canon video responses have been removed.


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