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Saturday, September 27, 2008



Jonas embraces his destiny, Sarah embraces her boredom, and help comes from the community.


Artist: Voxtrot
Album: "Voxtrot"


  1. Does anyone else think Beaumont looks a little creepy. Reminds me of Dr. Hart when he would be all touchy feelly with Gina when she coughed.

  2. Well Joe, that depends if its a "Good" touch or a "Bad" touch.

    If you are playing football, and you make a touch down, and coach pats your shoulder and says
    "Great work there Joe!"

    Well...Thats a good touch.

    Now lets say you're on the school swim team and break a school record for speed. If Coach sees you in the locker room, says,

    "Wow Joe! That was FFFFaaaaab-u-lous work out there!!!"and touches you in your 'bathing suit area"

    Then that would be a bad touch.

  3. Dr. Hart's was a bad touch. If I remember correctly he didn't just touch her, he was getting on top of her and then the video cut off. Since we later found out it was Dr. Hart who sent those video. Chances are he did do something he wasn't suppose to, and cut that out of the video so no one would know what kind of pervert he was.

    Stop making the guy who saves the girl look like a sick creepy pervert.

  4. Oh and how did you know about my swim coach?

  5. Hah, this video reminded me that Jonas was in my dream last night.
    I don't remember details, other that his muscles, and my bitching at him to get a haircut.


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