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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Coalition for Dummies: Main Game Edition [OOG] - Ziola

Here's a summary of the three main games of the Coalition (WorldFiles, ZorinXL and Will O Wisp) and their characters. I hope this helps people understand better who the characters are and what the plots entail. For more detail and to jump right in and play, check out their main site www.theCoalitiontv.com

Feel free to post here or email me with any questions.

Much love,


[email protected]

Sorry for the craptastic editing. Damn, I never realized how much I can ramble on...and on...and on.


  1. THANK YOU ZIOLA! This is fantastic.

  2. So animated and informative - Mistress Zi is one of a kind!

  3. Wow! Ziola, thank you so much. Since I'm living in Savannah, GA now, I figured it'd be a good idea to get involved with Will-o-Wisp.

  4. Can you go over some of the allies and adversaries and some of the fans activities and other parts of the show? I tried to get into it a while ago and found it confusing.


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