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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Don't Stop Reedin'

Lyrics by Milowent (thanks for lettin' me butcher them sir),
Vocals by Jenni Powell
Edited by Greg Gallows.

Just a small town boy, livin' in a lonely loft
He does the night vlogs to stop being bored
Now a city boy, stuck in the chicago loop
He probably takes the "L" when he's goin anywhere

A vlogger in a sterile room
A smell of (white) wine and emo tunes
For a smile he can share the night
He vlogs on and on and on and on

Lonelycrackers waiting, up and down the forum's boards
Their mouses are clicking all night
lg-15 people, just have to know if its canon,
Reed's hiding, somewhere in the night

(IMPROVISED VERSE by Jenni Powell)

Dont stop believin'
Hold on to that Reedite feelin'
Reedite people


  1. hahaha, may the lighters be lit (or cellphone lights), and the rhythmic swaying begin!

  2. During the "somewhere in the night" part, Broken Dog started to howl along! :)

  3. love this!! heheheh!

  4. Awesome!! Jenni and Betz should do a song together ;)


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