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Sunday, September 7, 2008

EQAL cracks down on LGPedia!!!!!

Banning users from editing certain pages?

I see Broken Kid has been editing a number of the pages that relate to the crew of the new show, and protecting them, i.e., notations say "EQAL-specific (not show-specific) info is locked for editing so that EQAL.com becomes official source of information." Edits appear to include the removal of pictures and other selected information about these persons. Now, I'm not the most active person on the LGPedia, but I do keep track of it generally. Was this change discussed at all, and if not (or even if so), what do people think about it? Locking numerous pages from editing makes LGPedia something different than a place to "give the fan community a place to collect information about the project," as the main page currently says. The possiblity of this happening is always a concern with a fan-wiki hosted on an official site, I guess. --Milowent 12:58, 7 September 2008 (CDT)

This isn't so much banning users as locking pages for EQAL staff and cast/crew. I've been asked to lock these so that the users or the company can make sure the information on these pages represents what the user wants. The only information that has been removed so far are pictures that they did not supply, ages/birthdates, and personal myspace page links. Because these pages are indexed and found via search engines, people have complained about the inclusion of information they don't want associated with their work on EQAL shows. So these are being updated, and admins can keep those pages updated. Broken Kid 13:09, 7 September 2008 (CDT)

Thanks for the quick explanation, BK. I didn't mean users are being banned, just banned from editing these pages. Even though I understand the rationale here, it seems like some policy needs to be put somewhere to explain that these pages are not subject to user edits. That's important, because one of the primary theories of a wiki is that it improves with collaborative input of an entire community. So, you can expect pages to be full of information, but not always 100% accurate or logical at any one time. On the other hand, pages that are not edited by community collaboration can be taken by readers to be "official information", and thus interpreted in that light as EQAL's official position. There are tons of pages on the LGPedia which are written in ways very different than they may have been written if done by EQAL staff, but with just as much (if not more) love. --Milowent 15:32, 7 September 2008 (CDT)

Banning users from editing certain pages?


What do you think?


  1. This is just wrong.

    EQAL always had the right to make authoritative edits. They have turned LGPedia from a wiki into their private PR machine. What do they think we are... dancing monkeys?

    I respect their ownership of LG15.com as private property but I have no respect for tyranny. LGPedia has always treated EQAL respectfully but apparently that is not enough. I understand their desire to protect their corporate image but all facts on LGPedia are verified and public information. Exactly what dark secret is EQAL trying to hide?

    This is censorship. Nothing more, nothing less. Shame on you Greg Goodfried.

  2. This is just atrocious.

  3. All that censorship so far has been done by BK, who we assume is acting as an agent of Eqal, Inc. according to his own words.

  4. "Tyranny?" Grow up, people.

    Taking control of something you host != tyranny.

    Murdering people for political gain is tyranny.

    Get your priorities checked.

  5. We do not contest that Eqal has the right to censor anything on LG15.com. It is their private property.

    That said we are totally disgusted that they would choose to censor a fan run pedia which has always acted responsibly.

    Shame on Greg Goodfried who has always claimed publicly that he does not support censorship.

  6. In response to the tyranny question:

    When speech is curtailed tyranny soon follows:


  7. We cannot edit information back in because the pages are being censored by Eqal, Inc and they have been locked to prevent any fan edits. This is no longer LGPedia. It is now EQALpedia..... where not all are equal.

  8. So now you're saying EQAL is going to murder people?

    Again: Get your priorities straight.

    Zimbabwe. Iran. Communist-era Russia. These were tyrannies. This? A company protecting its interests. Doesn't matter whether it's right or wrong - it's not tyranny.

    Don't abuse language just to make things seem so horrible, and get some perspective. Do not put what a web video development company does on the same level as Mugabe or Stalin. That's so ridiculous and insulting to the millions of people that have died under actual tyranny.

  9. Sorry. Lame was a poor choice of words. Eqal isn't crippled.

  10. Also, that guy needs to calm down. Seriously. Wow.

  11. "Also, that guy needs to calm down. Seriously. Wow."


  12. This is censorship, plain and simple.

    Tyranny ... that claim I cannot support for the simple reason that it cannot at this point be proven ... :D

    I do have to say that I am appalled at the actions of the EQAL staff in this regard. I understand now that MY input, MY ideas, MY concerns are no longer valid ... or at least not as valid as they once were. Once there was a time when I could freely voice my concerns with the C's, when I could say what I wanted with a certain sense of impudence confident in the fact that my words would reach the ears of the C's unadulterated and unabridged.

    I can no longer be certain of that fact. By limiting our access to the LGpedia, by preventing us from updating and maintaining something that has, to the fans, become a vital connection to the story-telling and creative process EQAL has made it evident that they no longer depend on the support of their most loyal fans ... we are expendable. New fans can be found.

    They have the funding, they can replace us...

  13. See this is what happens when censorship goes out of control, mkay?

    I tried to stop it from going out of control...but noooooooo....you all had to bitch about it, and now you showed the creators that you all were little bitches and they're taking advantage of you! hahahahahahahahah

  14. i think it makes sense for them to have control over the cast crew and employees details, it is the people who work for eqals right to some privacy, although i do agree that the pedia is a fan run operation it think it could have been better handled by giving us guidlines as to what eqal would prefere not to be put up. with all the hard work thats been put into the lgpedia by so many people it is a bit upsetting to have our control over it somewhat deminished... i dont agree that it is censorship in the derogatery sense, i think it is control censorship that give people involved in the company some sort of privacy

  15. I can understand desiring a sense of privacy ... but when the information being edited out is a link to an cast/crew member's MySpace page, I don't think it really fits.

    If that person did not want that information public it would not be posted on the interweb. I'm sorry, but make the profile private or do not post the information in the first place. If the information is inaccurate or ACTUALLY private then it should be removed by the community of which EQAL is a member (which is the WHOLE POINT of wiki...).

    But this is censorship, plain and simple.

    Our rights are being taken away in the name of security ... sound familiar people?

  16. I agree with whats going on, its the only way to keep valid info with out repeated vandlism.

  17. Calaan21 said...

    "But this is censorship, plain and simple.

    Our rights are being taken away in the name of security ... sound familiar people?"

    Now you know how I feel....ahahahahhahahaha!

    You all did it to me, and now its being done to you!

    Karma's a bitch, aint it?

  18. It appears I spoke too soon...

    Crew Pages still open for editing:
    Miles Beckett
    Greg Goodfried
    Mesh Flinders
    Amanda Goodfried
    Glenn Rubenstein
    Jenni Powell
    Jerry Wright
    Something For Rockets
    Zan Barberton
    Matthew Hart
    Luke Hyams
    Tom Wright
    Hazel Grian
    Neil Mossey
    Lawrence Tallis
    Ricky Martin
    Jamie Bell
    The Days
    Sister Mary And The Choirboys
    Nick Grimshaw
    Scouting for Girls
    Carmen Electra


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