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Monday, September 22, 2008

Eqal posts LG15: The Resistance on lonelygirl15

As expected by many Eqal has re-released "CHAPTER 1: A CALL TO ARMS (NEW LG15.COM SERIES)" on the lonelygirl15 account on YouTube.


It is not clear if this was the original strategy or a response to the rather poor view number/subscriptions received by the series on the LG15theresistance account. It is worth noting however that the original promo for the series was also posted on both accounts but in the reverse order.

Nice. I'm digging the longer clips with a creepier, darker vibe. Way to zig after zagging for so long.

Sweet, thanks! Stick with it, you'll like it. Our writers, directors, editors, and production team are AWESOME!!! Yes, I'm biased, but it's true.

what's your role in the whole production process?

I am the executive producer. I work with all the different departments that make up the show. Do you like it?

well, i've watched the whole thing from start to finish and continue to watch the new videos
so i guess that's saying something,
but it's no academy award winner

we'll take our webby :)

well, at least the format is more interesting than before. let's just see if the storyline is any better

I think you'll like the storyline. It's awesome.


  1. It will be interesting seeing how many new subs this generates for the new account.

    Currently: Subscribers: 2,378

  2. There are a few more views in the first two days on MySpace, about 49000 (where the video was promoted on the front page) than on YouTube (where the video was posted on the new channel lg15theresistance , but was heavily commented on by core fans to put it on the charts).

    One fairly good sign is that the approval rating is 82% on MySpace for the Chapter 1 video, but the channel only has 189 subscribers, so I assume views are going to continue to depend on front page promotion.

  3. MySpace channel:

    Ch 1 video:

  4. "but the channel only has 189 subscribers, so I assume views are going to continue to depend on front page promotion."

    I would agree with that analysis Q.

    The subscription conversion rate is really poor but I do not know what is typical for MySpace.

    The marketing plan so far has been rather poorly implemented. I am sure they expected to do much better than this. However they do have 5 million (although they said they cannot spend it on production) and that gives them time to build up a following.

    If I was in their shoes I would be looking to how I could lend more support to community videos. They need the good will of the fan base if they expect continued support but that is unlikely to happen if they don't take the needs of community videos very very very seriously.

    On the other hand they could just by more promo and go it alone. So, they do have options.

  5. From the Annotations on YouTube, they seem to be driving traffic more to LG15.com registration than to the new youtube channels.

  6. I don't see anything on the old Lonelygirl15 MySpace channel pointing to the new show:


  7. i don't think support of community vids, as nice as it would be, is gonna get Chapter 1: A Call To Arms to reach a profitable level of views.

    the best way for the show to get high views is seeking front page promotion on myspace. it worked fairly well for Roommates last year, which honestly was just a tounge in check tits&ass faux reality show.

  8. i see a lack of marketing, period.

    and if we, the converted, are not seeing indications of marketing, then something is amiss.

    i think that a combination of traditional and viral marketing techniques would help get the ball rolling.

    there IS a strong product here. but even the best products can't survive in a limited market. and hitting up the existing lg community in isolation is just that.

  9. oh, and creating buzz -- not through "marketing" but through having the product be a "news"worthy story.

    get different media publications to carry reviews of this new medium/genre defying program.

    yes, there has been some media attention, (mainly smaller internet), but not enough.

    there needs to be some media manipulation and massaging happening.

    by becoming a story, you are able to then market your message.

    let the media work for you.

    um, i'm not sure why i'm talking in 2nd person here...


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