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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Eye on "The Samsaran Doctrine"

Item #13 is The Samsaran Doctrine. It is considered the catalyst for Crowley's admiration of the peculiar religion known as The Hymn of One.

The legible text in the Samsaran Doctrine tells the story of an Egyptian girl and her mother. The young girl was taken away from her mother. Her mother chased her daughter’s captor’s screaming, as the girl was her only blood relative. The mother’s fears were alleviated seeing that her daughter was not being harmed, but instead, placed on a throne in a temple where a fountain had once stood. In the temple, there was an ancient carving that was a depiction of her daughter, called by the people: the “Divine Pillar”. The pair was told stories that the temple was the land of Ta-ynt-netert or Tentyra, the land that would become Dendera. In this land, the fertility goddess, Hathor, was first worshipped. To give thanks to her follower’s she created a fountain from the purest water on Earth. The water alleged to be pure of disease or sorrow. Many people flocked to the fountain, but the water lost it’s purity in three years time, and famine fell of Tentyra.
On the Samsaran Doctrine, the word "lifesblood" is marked in an olive green colored stain.

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  1. this book looks like a forgery.


  2. The picture is covering up the first line of text in firefox. Is anyone else having that problem?

  3. Same problem here. Also Firefox.

  4. I shrunk the picture a bit so that it was no longer blocking the text


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