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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Feline Feariousness - reedabook99 (TR)

They are among us... -- Reed


Artist: Warner Drive
Title: The Shocker"

Feline Feariousness - reedabook99 (TR) on LGPedia.

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  1. Reed's a cat hater?!

    He must be part of the Order!

  2. Anyone know what the reverse audio in Reed's "censorship" says?

  3. Remember when Bree and Daniel were homeless. And they were walking and Bree pointed at a cat. And then she died. We all blamed the Order, well some of us did blame Daniel and Jonas. But according to Reed it was the cat's fault.

  4. You are kidding me right? This video bothers me on SO many levels I can not begin to describe it..though..I of course will try...
    You are trying to start a new show..there are MILLIONS upon MILLIONS of cat lovers out there..you just alienated them. This isn't like a talk show where you say something controversial which gets the people that hate you listening also.. THIS is the sort of thing that just makes people tune out. Who wrote this episode?
    Secondly..as a cat lover..I TOTALLY abhor the way in which EVERY cat gets lumped in as all the same. Just like people..Cats are individuals and have very different personalities. This goes back to the writer of the episode...You are just an idiot. Keep your personal shit to yourself..at least until later. AND THEN it should be a conversation with a cat lover and the cat hater...to BALANCE the opinions..instead of just having a I HATE CATS video. TRY and not write shit that ALIENATES LARGE portions of the audience from the start.
    For example...this video elicited in me the desire to beat and break things..and Reed's face keeps coming to mind...which certainly isnt fair to his actor..cause..He didnt write this stupid shit...and if THESE ARE his personal feelings..I reference you back to leave your personal shit behind..
    There was NOT much worse they could have done to Reed's character other than to reveal he is a charter member of NAMBLA.
    OK ESPECIALLY early..you want to have people BOND to the characters..get them to care about them...while this may endear REED to the cat haters..most people either are ambivalent or love cats...and even the ambivalent ones will be somewhat turned off by this video...I am gonna end it here and go break something...and they wonder why they only get 5k views to a video these days...Have these writers even watched the old show? Learn from your past mistakes...

  5. Do you not think you're overreacting and taking a silly rant too seriously?

  6. PS I have 4 cats and 5 dogs

    So I follow into the category of animal lover.

  7. aww, come on guys ... he was obviously joking. I mean, he even has a ct of his own, so he can't hate them that much, ya know?

  8. *Cat ... not Ct ...

    Zane'd XD

  9. Yeah, Reed HAS a cat. He obviously is just joking around.

  10. Yeah, seriously. It's a joke. Get over it.


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