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Thursday, September 11, 2008

FoxVerse Playlist

For all the people out there who are fans of "lonefox101" and "wilannies", who can't catch up because they're posted on three accounts, also including the "xred74x" account, the solution has arrived! On my YouTube page, www.youtube.com/user/snl06, I have made a playlist of all the videos in order! This is the place where all the videos from the FoxVerse will be posted in one place, so, to keep track, subscribe to the playlist and you will be set in watching videos from the FoxVerse. You may think that because lonefox101 is over, and wilannies is almost over as well, that the FoxVerse will not exsist anymore. I can tell you that that assumption is wrong, and the FoxVerse is just getting started, with a few more series on the way. So, if you like the FoxVerse, this would be the perfect playlist for you! Bye!


  1. A whole fan fic universe is being created right before our eyes.

    That's awesome!

  2. That's cool!

    The Foxverse is a cool name, too.


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