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Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Gabriel Officially Inspects Gustav Damage - NOGustav

Pitch Black Patrol
Gabriel and I do a "security" sweep

Back to the Stone Age...kinda
Ever wonder what it was like to live before Electricity?

Stop or Go Hurricane Antics
Some rather interesting damage...

Hurricane Knocks Down Trees..A Dogs Dream! - NOGustav
Gabriel and I take to the road to check out our other buildings...we see some damage along the way and he gets excited and has a great time.

Gabriel Officially Inspects Gustav Damage - NOGustav
Time moves on and the winds slowly die down and the few remaining people start to come out...and Gabriel inspects

Fighting The Unseen Silent Killer After a Hurricane - NOGustav
Many people in an effort to stay comfortable...create their greatest enemy after a storm... Carbon Monoxide..take precautions!


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