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Sunday, September 7, 2008

Hover Cars, Time Machines and The Tiny Conspiracy - Jenlight

I have some free time since TR and Anonymous have been all buddy buddy so I thought I would make this little video on a subject about which I am particularly passionate.


  1. Where are our hover cars ... and rocket boots! We got jipped!

  2. Yes, but we did get sneakers with wheels in them and blinky lights - I didn't see those coming. And velcro. The sneaker tech trifecta.

  3. Until those sneakers can hover I say we're still getting jipped!

  4. lol, that should have been in Obama's acceptance speech...

    "And under my administration, we will fund science and education and we WILL have hover cars in ten years!"

  5. hahahaha Maybe I'd vote if he said that (probably not)!


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