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Friday, September 19, 2008

Jonas on LG15.com

Jonas posted this on his LG15.com blog:

out of breath
9.19.2008 17:16

safe now. not sure who to trust. staying off the grid for the weekend. will post next week if possible.
I also noticed this reply from Jonas on another user's board:
Jonas Wharton

Spoke to Emma a few days ago. Can't say where she is. But know that she's doing well.

9.16.2008 13:23
Has anyone learned anything else of interest in their recent interactions with Jonas on LG15.com?


  1. Not Jonas, but Reed wrote on my board.....

    I actually really liked getting an individual response from a character. Made it more realistic.

  2. Oh sure you guys get Jonas responses while I get hit on by PharmaGuy. lol

  3. Yeah, I got involved with the Katemodern character interaction after the wedding. Can't believe I didn't do it earlier! But I did form a friendship with Terrence, got on his top friends which was nice :) I was happy to see Jonas' response to me too, at last we can start bonding with LG15 characters :)


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