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Saturday, September 20, 2008

CHAPTER 1: A CALL TO ARMS - LG15: The Resistance

http://www.lg15.com Time is short. Lives hang in the balance. Action must be taken. The Resistance rises TODAY. www.lg15.com Music: Film School Album: "Hideout"

It's my honor to be the first to post the first episode of LG15: The Resistance, don't forget to meep!

Puzzle discussion in progress: Asterix codes in Chapter 1: A Call To Arms

CHAPTER 1: A CALL TO ARMS - LG15: The Resistance on the lonelygirl15 LGPedia.

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dehteraew said...

Disembodied voice for a shady group in hiding.

Yeah. Sure. That's worked in the past. Sign me the hell up.


  1. There are at least three messages that flash with an asterix

    *www.crowleycollection.com (when The Resistance voice-over says "In Just over a Week, the Auction will begin")

    *code: 4001 (during "Last Words" when Jonas mentions the auction)

    *www.hymnofone.org (during "Split" when the word "boat" appears with an asterix during the phone call)

    The 4001 works to enter www.crowleycollection.com , but I don't see anything new there so far.

    Did I miss any asterix messages?

    What do all these mean?

    Join the puzzle discussion by following the link added below the video.

  2. Remember veoh and the other sites have the chapters too! Watch and comment on their sites aswell.


  3. This opener is a very good start, the 'extra' content inbetween makes it more of a series than before!

  4. I love all the Maggie content and the fairytale voice over.

    I was posting like crazy over there but my little computer was spazzing so I'm giving her a break.

  5. I like the long form episodes. There are a LOT of flashes of brilliance in this but it seems as though every single Jonas "webblog" sequence kills whatever momentum this thing has. (Daniel was a better character to build something like this around.)

    The stuff with Sarah was inspired but her goofiness seemed to take away from what was happening.

    So far, very interesting and hopefully this can become what the original LG15 could never be.

  6. currently #11 most discussed on youtube. let's try to get this to #1 most discussed, because getting a larger audience for the show is critical to its success. i believe there is a market for this show to make it sustainable.

  7. I think they've latched on to a good format - something new every day for us die-hard fans and a unique-enough Saturday video to keep us watching plus thorough enough for the casual fans. It's a good system, and I think it can work!

  8. Thanks everyone! Glad you like the new show. The asterisks in the video indicate "interactivity" that occurred during the week. It's a way to clue the passive viewers in and show them all the hard sleuthing you guys did over the course of the week. It's not new puzzles.

  9. Oh hey I was right! Go me! Not a puzzle :)

  10. Yes, but maybe Miles is just being sneaky and it really is a new puzzle! ;)

  11. If you take every 4th 3rd and 6th letter from Miles statement and then anagram it ..... it spells out:


  12. LINC LINC LINC! My crush on him is insane. Oh God, please come back Linc, commmme to the Resistance! PLEASE!
    I really hope this isn't someone playing a mean game with my heart...

  13. The editing is great. Love the storybook voiceover. But really, what's new? You have -

    a) pretty girl on hospital bed writhing in pain
    b) someone chasing Jonas (OK, it's the FBI, not the Order, but it's still the same thing. Now Jonas actually TALKING to the FBI about all this stuff, THAT would have been different)
    c) Jonas running away
    d) Sarah being inappropriately silly and sexual about a very serious subject
    e) Jonas being impulsive and a little crazy, just focusing it at something else
    e) altered voice saying cryptic things.

    Same old show so far, with the exception of visual style and production values.

    And if I hear one more interview where the C's refer to this "rich mythology" about the order, I'll scream. It's about as rich as I am. Which is not very.

  14. wow someone actually said on myspace

    "it does come off as a bit by the generic i mean the quick cuts, "hidden" images, the arg. but who knows maybe it will get better as it goes on but as it stands right now it just seems to me like any other student film trying to invoke 1984."

    uh, wow *smacks that person* shuuure

  15. On Linc's youtube profile I posted a comment: 'Are you back Linc?'
    He then replied, saying:
    'Define "back."

    Define "Linc."'



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