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Friday, September 5, 2008

LG15: The Resistance on Imeem!!

It has been stated in recent multiple interviews with the creators that Imeem, along with several other popular online massive marketing sites, will be used to distribute EQAL's newest Lg15 incarnation: The Resistance. Check out the profile... is it canon?


  1. at this point we are not even sure eqal is conon:)

    time will tell i guess

  2. The term "not canon" is rather bland. How about "canon" vs. "popgun" ?

  3. ... or perhaps "canon" vs. "sonata" ?

  4. I like "Canon" vs. "Popgun" :)

  5. Yeah Imeem is quite fine! It's part of the websites which contributed to the revolution in the musical world. However, my favourite one in that context is http://www.deezer.com/en which brought real free and legal music-on-demand! It's quite great, and it has quite a huge catalogue right now! Check it out.


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