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Friday, September 19, 2008

Mary Feuer's blogs

Former Lonelygirl15 writer Mary Feuer has recently started blogging with a personal blog and a story blog.

On Mary Feuer's Blog, in a post called "My Character Arc," Mary writes:

There's a reason I'm on this topic. There's a reason I decided to start blogging in the first place. I've been feeling a little flatlined lately. Maybe this is because I spend my day writing about fictional people's lives, so there's not a lot of room left for my own. As my characters' buttons get pushed by the others around them, as they grow and change the way all good characters do, I sometimes long for a deeper connection with someone, another human who can make me uncomfortable enough to grow toward something. We in the biz call that a character arc - it's a key component of every good drama. What my arc is, I don't know. I guess I'm here to find it.

Yeah. Good luck with that.

Or maybe I'll just entertain you with the random musings of someone who thinks too much, and has to dump all that thought somewhere. If this were some interactive web 2.0 production I'd have to let you vote on which one you want. But it's not. It's a dictatorship. So you're stuck with my whims, suckers.
Beyond all that, it appears to be about her daily life, SCUBA, and her two dogs.

On Mary Feuer's Story Blog, Mary writes:
I wanted a place to post all my little homeless stories that have nowhere to go... And some of the others, once they've been published and I'm allowed to do what I want with them again. So if you want to read some of my fiction and other prose, this is the place to do it.
If you share my view that some things are best expressed by the written word, you may enjoy checking out these blogs, by someone who knows something about writing. Good stuff.


  1. BK, if you happen to read this comment, I put the links to Mary Feuer's blogs on the talk page for her LGPedia page.

  2. Her personal blog has nothing to do with this community. It's in really bad taste to post that here.

  3. Obviously, since I posted it, I disagree. Mary Feuer was a writer for and helped produce a number of Lonelygirl15 videos (see LGPedia for the list), and is a part of this community. I found her blog because she posted a comment on my wwwshows blog and her public blogs are on the associated blogger ID.

    I described the blog as "personal" to differentiate it from her "story" blog and because it is about her real experiences as opposed to her fictional offerings. It is not a private blog.

    Obviously, if she did not want to share those experiences with readers online, she would not be blogging about them. These are not private writings that I am sharing - if I had access to such things, I would not share them without the owner's permission.

    So, no, it's not unrelated to this community, and neither it is in bad taste. In fact, my post is sincerely complimentary to Mary Feuer's writing.

    The only reason I can think someone might react the way Anon did in the comment above is if they are confused by my use of the word "personal."

    And by the way Anon, if you have something negative to say about me, I appreciate the courtesy of a name attached to it, so there is an opportunity to communicate and correct any misunderstandings. Anonymous criticisms are off-putting.

  4. And it is exactly this mentality, that because an individual comes across personal information about someone online they feel completely entitled to presenting it to everyone, is why the C's have locked down the wiki pages for staff and actors.

    Mary no longer writes for or produces lonelygirl15. Period. This information was not placed on this blog and not placed on the lg15 community site.

    The fact that you posted this information on this blog because Mary replied to you on another blog that has nothing to do with lg15 other than being one in what looks like a list of about 100 is in poor taste. I doubt her post on your blog had anything to even do with lg15, since she is not associated with the show.

    As for a name, ok, my name is Kay, and I'm sure that makes a difference.

  5. Hello Kay,

    I didn't feel the blog entries were personal information, and generally agree with you about respecting privacy, so I posted a note to Mary about your initial comment ... you may feel better after seeing her response here:


  6. You might also see my comments here:


    where I wrote:

    "Modelmotion, I respect your opinions, but I happen to disagree with you here and largely understand where Miles is coming from. I'm a little surprised you are not more responsive to the expressed desire for a certain degree of privacy by cast/crew/employees of the show and the company's need to be responsive to that.

    But I'm a big advocate of privacy in a time when so much has been lost. Cameras are everywhere, and so much can be found on the internet. Finding a factoid from whatever source does not imply permission to propagate and republish that information.

    I think sometimes we take liberties for granted, and fail to realize there are reasonable limits in exercising those liberties. From a practical point of view, the 'locked' pages of the LGPedia become no different than any other 'official' page on LG15.com or EQAL.com which fans would not edit. Perhaps some formatting difference should be implemented to clearly distinguish the two.

    This blog does a lot of collecting and sharing of information about the people working on this show, and I think that as we do this, as a community, we should recognize and respect that they have a reasonable right to privacy just like any of us."

  7. Yeah,

    "It didn't occur to me that leaving a post on your blog would lead you over here. I just started blogging, and I hadn't really decided whether I wanted to publicize it or keep it on the down-low."

    Well qthec, I guess Mary can thank YOU for making her decision for her.


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